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Posted by Marko Vukajlovic 12 Feb 12

metaHrom.. . .. .. ….. .. . .. .library.
The initial concept has been that at such place should be made ​​an object that is not another masive solid form which continues to emphasize the separation of Kosančićev venac and other public spaces that are located all around the whole location.
With this building, I wanted to set up open, inverse space,inside  the location, which will allow to preserve the integrity of the block, and to connect individual streets.
The structure exists, but so that she separates and connects at the same time. Outwardly, the facility consists of a series of transparent towers with the function of reading or getting knowledge and various  information by different ways. The transparency of these rooms,and great views of the surrounding areas has a symbolic significance, because of opening horizons, spreading awareness, communication, openness and accessibility.
The main functions of the division of property is clear, and it was done on the generally accepted way, when depots libraries are under ground and reading rooms […]