12 Jul 13

15h, room 223, Final Presentations of Master Thesis 1213M9

01 Apr 13

DS peer reviewed paper Self-regulating Fields and Networks: Elasticity in material performance and spatial organization’  included in ‘Computation and Performance‘, Proceedings of the Association for Education and research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe eCAADe. The conference will take place at  Delft University of Technology in September 2013.

16 Feb 13

DS peer reviewed paper  ‘The Promise of Performative: Relational, Genetic and Scripted Models in Architectural Design‘ accepted for publication in Facta Universitatis Series Architecture and Civil Engineering, Volume 11(1), 2013.

01 Feb 13

DS, MC essay ‘Architecture after Geometry: The Cloud Model’  to be published later this year in the monograph ‘Agile Design: Advanced architectural cultures’, edited by Anastasios Tellios, CND Publications.  Thessaloniki.

10 Jan 13

MC paper ‘Textile architecture: Exploring the potential of fiber assemblies and their application in architecture‘ published in Serbian Architecture Journal, Volume (4),  2012.

25 Dec 12

16h, room 223, Interim Review 1213M4 crits Milena Stopic (UNStudio), Igor Pantic (Zaha Hadid Architects) and Adam Vukmanov (CITA)

15 Nov 12

DS presenting  peer reviewed paper ‘Explicating Intuition: Iterative Modelling of Elastomer Assemblies‘, ENHSA EAAE International Conference Scaleless-Seamless: Performing a less fragmented architecture education and practice , Muenster, Germany

03 Sep 12

DS, MC workshop Inconsistencies v0.5 at University of Rijeka, Croatia

15 Jun 12

4of7 workshop ‘Inconsistencies v0.4’ at Kula Nebojsa in Belgrade

25 Apr 12

DS presenting peer reviewed paper “Prototypical Architecture: Design research method with full-scale models“ at CAADRIA 2012 Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science, Chennai, India