Posted by Katarina Jecmenica 30 Jun 18

d r e a m y

giving pleasure or contentment to the mind or senses
( Merriam Webster Dictionary)

Can architects push themselves to depart from what the discipline traditionally acknowledged as architectural space in order to explore new territories that take into account the use of energy within an environment?

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    Posted by Djordje Bulajic 30 Jun 18

    This project speculates on alternative ways to treat Belgrade mosquito problems using drone technology.  Instead of polluting the air above inhabited lands with aggressive insecticide spraying, drones could be employed to precisely locate and eliminate mosquito larvae habitats as well as individual adult insects.

    The Great War Island, being centrally located  and surrounded  by  water, is a mosquito-friendly environment, making it an ideal ground for treating Belgrade mosquito problems.  When finding  and eliminating a mosquito, each drone would emit a light signal, simultaneously taking part in an aerial spectacle above the island – and turning all three surrounding Belgrade river coasts […]

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      Posted by Luka Grgic 30 Jun 18

      The project proposal anticipates architectural infrastructure responding to locally collected airborne data.Where needed, the installed devices would enable a precise adjustment of local microclimate conditions as well as crop matter content within large agricultural landscapes, coping with sudden weather fluctuations and, consequently, to significantly increase food production in […]

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        Posted by Tatjana Argakijev 27 Jun 18


        The focal point of this project is exploring quality of air and light at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture. The main sources of air pollution are smokers, heating and poor air circulation. Lightning provided by daylight and lanterns is not enough. The idea is to solve both problems with one structure. The structure will simultaneously work as a filter and as a bulb.

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          Posted by Katarina Ognjenovic 25 Jun 18

          The aim of this proposal is to trace the non-constant border of personal space and define spatial relationships among people. By exercising our right to personal space, we directly occupy the air around us.  In indoor spaces, people are obliged to behave in a certain way and their distances are predefined. Outdoors, they are able to act more freely. Therefore, public space provides polyvalent forms of action that shape the appearance of space and air. While mapping different events and situations, air, as transmitter of information, is being used to define spatial and social relations among its actors.

          Case study: National […]

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            Posted by Pavle Markovic 22 Jun 18

            This projects speculates on the possibility of nomadic habitation within the lower layers of troposphere.
            In earlier times, nomads  would move when they needed resources. Today, the need to move is triggered by many different factors, such as job requirements, seasonal climate changes, or merely adventurous spirit.
            Wandering pneumatic pods would provide living conditions for contemporary nomads in any environment, urban or rural. When in the city, the pod connects to an existing building using its infrastructure to recreate full comfort of any regular flat (with a spectacular rooftop view!). In the nature, transparent membrane enables direct and immersive contact with the […]

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              Posted by Dimitrije Milic 20 Jun 18

              Aerial Alchemy | New Microclimates
              (PolyArk5 – Poly Air | SuperMegaCrit 2018)

              The ambition of our project is based on environmentally friendly and useful device, designed for augmenting, enhancing and manipulating air and therefore creatively shaping space in public urban areas within cities, and thus altering patterns of behavior of both air and people within it. By doing so, we hope to activate public space even when the weather conditions wouldn’t normally allow it.

              The idea behind our design is to make a device that works and looks like the natural air conditioning device – tree. Therefore, these devices are designed to work […]

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                Posted by Katarina Odovic 31 Mar 18

                The initial idea was to get as many residential units as possible on the plot, with the task of developing the structure horizontally, without vertically distorting the line of the roof imposed by an industrial facility already on the plot. In order to achieve the logic of multifunctionality of the space, the ground is left completely free, flowing and represents the synthesis of the surrounding influences, which at the same time makes the connection and barrier between the exterior and the interior of the structure.
                Početna ideja je bila da se dobije što više stambenih jedinica na parceli pri čemu postavljam […]

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                  Posted by Sara Antov 08 Feb 18

                  Ideja projekta proističe iz potrebe da se prostor Cvetnog trga ohladi tokom letnjih meseci. Projekat je zamišljen kao interaktivna struktura koja funkcioniše u zavisnosti od položaja ljudi i visine izmerene temeperature.
                  Senzorima se prikupljaju informacije sa trga i odredjuju ulazni parametri (broj ljudi i temperatura) koji uslovljavaju interakcije unutar sistema. Senzore predstavljaju kamere sa algoritmom za prepoznavanje i termostat koji meri temperaturu. Mikrokontroler od senzora dobija ulazne podatke i zatim detektuje i odredjuje polozaj i broj ljudi u svakom polju. Informacije se zatim salju do aktuatora-rasprsivaca koji se uključuju i deluju različitim intenzitetom.

                  Projekat primenjuje sistem adijabatskog hladjenja kod koga je 36 […]

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                    Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 08 Feb 18

                    “In the context of pollution, carbon emissions, and climate change, the air is an essential public good. Yet air is invisible. It is boundless. It is difficult to control, to own, to divide, and to observe. It belongs equally to everyone in the city, no less shared than traditional fixed public spaces of parks and streets. Air is public space, but it must be claimed and activated.” // (The Living) David Benjamin & Soo-in Yang, 2010
                    POLYARK 5 | POLYAIR
                    As a part of the Polyark 5: Polyair initiative by Royal Institute of British Architects, University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture […]

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