Philippe RahmConstructed Atmospheres, ETH Zurich, 2009. (photo: Philippe Rahm)


Philippe Rahm (curator), Constructed Atmospheres Lecture Series, Princeton Recordings, 2012.

Sean LallyThe Air on other Planets, Princeton Recordings, 2012.

Marcos CruzLiving Buildings – Architecture’s Path to Ecology, TEDx UCL, 2012.

Marcos Cruz, Neoplasmatic Architecture, University of Michigan, 2012.

Philip BeesleyDiffusive Architecture, SCI-Arc LA, 2011.

Karmen Franinovic, Beyond Kinetic Architecture: from movable structures to vibrant matter, ETH Zurich CAAD, 2011.

Michael WeinstockMetabolism of the City, AA London, 2010.

Julian VincentInfluences of biology on architecture, IaaC Barcelona, 2012.


Greg LynnCalculus in Architecture (photo: Greg Lynn)


Terry Knight, On learning and computation, MIT, Cambridge, 2003

Greg Lyn, New City, Seed Design Series

Roland Snooks, Encoding Algorithmic Matter, USC School of Architecture, 2010

Philippe Block, Conserving the Past – Designing the Future: New Studies in Equilibrium, ETH, 2010

Theodore Spyropoulos, Behavioral Agency, AA DRL, London, 2013


Mette Thomsen, Digital Crafting, Digital Crafting Simposium, Copenhagen 2011 (photo: Mette Thomsen)


Antoine Picon, Digital Crafting, Digital Crafting Simposium, Copenhagen 2011

Stephen Gage, A-Functional Architecture, ETH Zurich, 2011


Michael Hansmeyer, Undrawable, Bartlett School of Architecture, 2012 (photo: Michael Hansmeyer)


Mette ThomsenA Sensitive Architecture: Designing for a Materially Graded Architecture, ETH Zurich CAAD, 2011.

Bernd Felsinger, Atelier One, Adaptive Architecture Conference, 2011

Phillip BeesleyBuilding living  architecture, TEDx UW, 2012.

Skylar Tibbits & Marc Fornes, Partly Surface, Seed Design Series


SoA Lecture, Thinking Technology, Princeton University of Arch., 2013 (photo: SoA Lecture)


Mark Wigley, Utzon’s Wings, SAC Lecture, 2012

Jose Sanchez, Gamescopes, ETH Zurich, 2013


Casey Reas, Lecture, Resonate, 2013 (photo: Casey Reas)


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