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Posted by Ana Todosijevic 16 Jul 13

This approach is not involved in research of the material and the static, but the invisible and changeable parameters of architecture. Spatial concept is shifting the focus away from geometry onto energetic conditions of space. The main objective is observing architecture – not through space itself, but throughout the conditions inside it. The approach titled Thermal Landscapes will try to investigate these principles, from an urban level to the level of the environment of the individual user.
The study develops understanding of the built environment through the motion of the air, energy and people as constant flows which are shaping […]

Posted by Ana Todosijevic 01 Jul 12

This project develops a formal strategy for landscape creation in an analogy with the material processes triggered by weather conditions over long periods of time. The proposal explores condensed potential of natural forces, such as wind and atmospheric precipitation, in the formation of landscape. Material based studies form the first phase of the design process. In laboratory-like conditions, layers of sand and white flour were exposed to the simulated wind force and rainfall in order to explore formal possibilities of the proposed system. In relation to the natural configuration of the terrain, thicker and heavier layer of […]