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1213M4 LjA

Overlapping of connections and flows is the theme of the project. The boundaries define a space of containers and places, while the networks establish a space of links and flows. Crossing the various boundaries that surround us there are paths, pipes, wires, and other channels that spatially concentrate inflows and outflows of people. Within the relatively stable framework of our interconnecting, overlapping, sometimes shared transfer networks, our intricately interwoven demands and responses create fluctuating conditions of freedom and constraint. Extension and entanglement trump enclosure and autonomy. Boundary, flow, and control systems subdivide our space into specialized, manageable zones. People in networked societies live and work in sets of overlapping relationships, cycling among different networks. Considering the fact that architecture became indistinguishable from communication and that the media is nothing else than communication – maybe here is given the way of solving the problem, but also discovering the potentials which have emerged from the ongoing convergence between contemporary architecture and the new media.

In this project, consisted of continuous networks of centers and lines of communication, there is an attempt to establish a connection with nature where all the static parts and all lines of communication are woven into a meaningful body. The quality of such spaces is achieved by a gradient of program where boundaries are blurred and drowned with each other. The project is based on mixing two kinds of typologies – institute and park. Net structures which vary in density and firmness represent overlap (or smooth transition) of the mechanical and the lifelike. If there is a comparison with an organism, it means that some parts are not static, they move with certain mechanisms and create a completely different layout within the network. The space of the institute and the environment of the park can be transformed and adjusted according to the relevant external influences or activities that are happening.

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