0809M9 Master Thesis

Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 06 Oct 09

Booklet, 136 pages, A5 format, contains text and selected material from all 08/09 courses M4, M5, M9.

Posted by Petar Smiljanic 19 Jul 09

e Project is conceived as easily accessible public space. Movement lines define spatial form, pedestrian circulation routes define position and shape of the plateaus where varied programs are located. Project contains cultural and commercial content and space for sport and recreation. Depending on season (summer or winter), there are scenarios where space of one content may get bigger on account of the other.
s Projekat je zamišljen kao lako dostupan javni prostor. Prostorna forma je dobijena iz linija kretanja koje formiraju glavne i sporedne komunikacije oko kojih se formiraju platoi. Na mestima formiranja platoa linije kretanja se granaju po vertikali i prave prostore […]

Posted by Milutin Cerovic 16 Jul 09

e Adaptive Formations explores the idea of spatial adaptability via rule based design methods. Architectural intent is based on the bottom-up process, defying usual pathway beginning with the masterplan and ending with the individual building design. Proposed design protocol prioritizes decisions at the local level, assesses their compatibility and generates complex spatial forms. In a gradual process, existing warehouses are being converted for multitude of uses revolving around knowledge related industries. Simultaneously, network of public spaces is formed in relation to varied occupancy scenarios with the aim to allow for interaction between permanent occupants and visitors. In the later stages of […]

Posted by Ivana Petrusevski 15 Jul 09

Rheotomic surface. Electric field line, equipotential surface. Magnets, attractors in public space and fields witch are necessary for that activity in response of number of people. Helicoids witch affect each other enable continual walk through public space, its levels, and floor of neighboring, already existing, ex industrial, office building. Public space consists of picnic zone, open cinema zone, covered cinema zone, open air amphitheater, covered amphitheater, cafe, gathering room, two terraces, observation decks. It uses temperature difference (of river water and air) for micro climate, so it is a public space with long season usage.

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Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 03 Jul 09

13:00h Wednesday, July 8th room 235

Posted by Nemanja Kordic 01 Feb 09

Diploma project – work in progress by Nemanja Kordic