Posted by Emilija Zlatkovic 07 Jul 12

1112M5EZ Capillary Motion

This project explores landscape formation under the influence of capillary motion – the ability of a liquid substance to flow in narrow spaces without the assistance of external forces including the gravity. Such motion of water occurs naturally when surface and subterranean water fill in tiny cracks of soil. The design intent is to transpose this principle into the formative strategy at another scale, by employing movement of water in creating a network of canals with dual purpose. At first water will rinse the soil of contaminated matter; and subsequently newly created of network canals will become key characteristic of new landscape offering itself to a system of circulation through the area. Instead of conventional and representational models, series of material experiments were conducted to explore the formal characteristics of the landscape resulting from the erosion caused by the capillary motion. Several aggregates were tried as a replacement for the soil and different ways of introducing liquid were tested. The project anticipates a long term strategy of decontamination. A set of recreational use are considered to be introduced gradually once environment is deemed good. At each season, landscape will present itself differently prompting at several different occupancy scenarios.




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