Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 28 Aug 11

AA Visting Programme Paris

Invitation from Jorge Ayala to run a studio at Architectural Association Visiting School in Paris, 31Oct-10Nov 2011. For this new season, topics are concerned with the acquisition of appropriate knowledge and understanding of the in-vogue association [FASHION+ARCHITECTURE], supported by the mastery of essential digital skills which will equip and prepare AA Paris participants toward physical experimentations. To this extend AA Visiting School Paris develops a two-fold laboratoire: Computational and Physical Investigations. The Computational Investigations Lab is an interdisciplinary design-research laboratory where -through digital based investigations- students will engage with the study of generative and evolutionary design strategies in architecture. For this purpose, computationally advanced techniques will be instrumentalized for the investigation of numeric processes of auto-organization and spatial formation. Outcomes will be regarded as 3dimensional diagrams which spatial, material and behavioural understanding will lead the way to the finding of novel architectural futures. For more information please visit


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