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0809M4 Studio Agenda

Graduate Programme, Module: Design Studio M5 2008/09, 18 ECTS
Djordje Stojanović, Milutin Cerović, Ivana Petruševski, Tijana Lapčević.


Architecture always arrives to a halt, a condition whereby evolving need outgrows spatial capacities and renders them obsolete. It’s not only the physical limits but also the very meaning and organizational logic of space which grow inadequate over time. Such phenomenon becomes more apparent with ever increasing dynamics of every day life, any given window of time becomes limiting for any building investment to the point where we face the choice between development and sustainability. Paradoxically we are still incapable of having both. We are interested in the form and its physical characteristics before anything. In the context of change, we will look into the wide set of parameters defining versatile spatial organizations. Flexible and adaptive formations will be investigated as a way of urbanization charged with the ration of randomness and unpredictability. We will make excursions to the areas of computation, mathematics, biology, management theory or anything else in the search of a free-style approach to architecture of large scale projects.

While accepting impermanence at the level of organizational logic, we will explore formal configurations dependent on their ability to respond and evolve. Testing ground for Versatilities will be the former industrial zone of 110ha along the Danube River, occupied by Port of Belgrade, and currently under development. In parallel with the planning authorities and along with developer side, studio will be exploring radical concepts of urbanization, regeneration and integration with the city core.

students: Arsenović Mirjana, Bosnjak Dušan, Damjanović Ivana, Lojanica Biljana, Maksić Goran, Maksimović Uroš, Miletić Dimitrije, Petković David, Roksandić Danijela, Salapura Marko, Samardžija Milica, Spasojević Aleksandar, Stevanović Nebojša, Stevović Vladan, Vuković Marko, Zrlić Bojana, Živković Miloš.

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