1415M9 Design Studio

Posted by Ljubica Arsic 16 Oct 15

Mirror 120°
|  An homage to architect Vera Ćirković  |
The East Gate of Belgrade is a very specific piece of architecture built between 1973 and 1976 and it is dominant in the silhouette of Belgrade. Transformation of such object includes rethinking of its role in the past, as well as in its possible future, on a level of a tower, district and the city.
The Idea was to transform Rudo complex by adding an infrastructural park which would connect all three towers and form a new public space between them. This way, the newly established connection between residents is both, physical […]

Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 05 Feb 15

Modul M02 Studio Arhitektura, 15 ESPB
Modul M9 Master Projekat, 30 ESPB
The New Gates of Belgrade
docent Djordje Stojanović, saradnik Jelena Pejković, saradnik Nemanja Kordić
Master akademske studije – Arhitektonski fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu
The studio begins with an analysis of the existing housing megastructure — the East Gates of Belgrade, and continues with designing the New Gates at the same location, based on the research results. The investigation that the students will undertake will include a comparison of housing policies of 1970’s and those of today, and recording of problems that accumulated over the long period of building use without systematic maintenance […]