Posted by Luka Grgic 30 Jun 18

Airborne Data | Panorama Futuristica


The project proposal anticipates architectural infrastructure responding to locally collected airborne data.Where needed, the installed devices would enable a precise adjustment of local microclimate conditions as well as crop matter content within large agricultural landscapes, coping with sudden weather fluctuations and, consequently, to significantly increase food production in general.


There is no bold line and strong distinction between physical and virtual presence.We live in a time where rural and urban environment are almost the same.As we take take this road called sustainable future development we must overcome our solid views and rethink agriculture as a cornerstone of our own existence.


The project aims to explore and respond to a global demand for agricultural and industrial good. The overpopulated world, with poverty issues and food lack seeks for new solutions in managing.Regarding new technologies constantly entering the space defined as “natural” we are drawn to imagine a future where precision agriculture is a must.


Based on landscape survey, observing, measuring and responding to inter and intra-field variability in crops,a device installation, censoring different airborne information, enables booth collecting and reacting to an inner field change, measuring site data from chlorophyll levels to plant water status.


Subliming a practice of precision agriculture where precise planting, illness treatment, and atmosphere data lead to a sustainable process managing, the projects aims to set up a new model of landscape representation.By activating different layers of troposphere the architecture reshapes panoramic landscape as well as brings man closer to his own environment.


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