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This approach is not involved in research of the material and the static, but the invisible and changeable parameters of architecture. Spatial concept is shifting the focus away from geometry onto energetic conditions of space. The main objective is observing architecture – not through space itself, but throughout the conditions inside it. The approach titled Thermal Landscapes will try to investigate these principles, from an urban level to the level of the environment of the individual user.

The study develops understanding of the built environment through the motion of the air, energy and people as constant flows which are shaping it in the form of the landscape. It is anticipated that internal energetic landscapes will be in constant interaction with human activities; their constitution will bear strong relationship with the ways these environments function and may result with an alternative and more efficient approach to spatial organisation. The study investigates how to generate natural conditions within an artificial environment and use such conditions to organize space. The approach departs from the research oriented work of the architect Philippe Rahm who is actively developing the methods of using climate, meteorological, physical and physiological processes as mechanisms for spatial organisation. This study aims at applying principles previously developed for the design of the single housing unit by the architect Philippe Rahm, to the organisation of the very large number of units structured in the vertical fashion.


1213M9_Ana_Todosijevic_02_tipologija stanova1


1213M9_Ana_Todosijevic_03_tipologija stanova 2


1213M9_Ana_Todosijevic_04_tipologija stanova 3


1213M9_Ana_Todosijevic_05_tipologija stanova 4


1213M9_Ana_Todosijevic_06_Philippe Rahm


1213M9_Ana_Todosijevic_07_formiranje stana


1213M9_Ana_Todosijevic_08_formiranje sklopa






1213M9_Ana_Todosijevic_11_maketa proces





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