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1112M5 Inconsistencies v0.4

This is by far the largest prototypical model built in the Inconsistencies series. It was built at Kula Nebojsa in Belgrade in June this year, as a result of the workshop conceived as an integral part of the Design Studio curriculum 1112M5 for 16 students at University of Belgrade. There are several key aspects to this exercise. The model was built in the open air space, to interact with weather conditions over the period of few weeks. Elastic material behavior was a key to construction process. A custom made plug-in was developed for Rhino to allow for geometric modeling with material constraints. Construction of the model is carried out as a collective effort, according to the design protocol structured as a set of simple rules based on easy to do techniques (never mind the baking sun and five meter distance to the concrete floor).

Design and assembly: Nikola Milanović, Djordje Stojanovic, Milutin Cerović, Milan Katić, Milica Tasić, Ivana Radović, Katarina Merćep, Marija Pop-Mitić, Danka Sijerković, Jovan Pucarević, Dea Kolaček, Miloš Simić, Emilija Zlatković, Dusan Tasić, Ana Todosijević, Marko Vukajlović, Nevena Bjelaković, Petar Smiljanić i Marko Stanković. Programming: Bojan Mitrović – Group for Mathematics, Geometry and CAAD, Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade. Photo: Ana Kostić

The project was carried out in collaboration with National Alliance for Local Economic Development and with the generous support of Serbian Wind Energy Association

More better res photos on our Flickr page.



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