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1011M4 Goomitze

Goomitze or rubber band workshop combines a design method based on the consistent use of the single component to be multiplied according to some geometric protocol, and the inconsistent material behaviour or systems inherent capacity to flex and change according to some external influence. The exercise aims to initiate thinking about adaptable spatial configurations and introduce appropriate working techniques to be utilised throughout the semester.

Rubber band is produced in vast quantities and used for various practical reasons. It is known for its elasticity or the capacity to withstand transformation and return to the pre-deformed condition. In general rubber materials are best known for their magnitude of the reversible deformation range but some metals are also known to have similar material memory capacities and have application in medical and aero space industries.

Radionica kombinuje metodu dizajna  zasnovanu na konsistentnoj upotrebi modularne komponente prema određenom protokolu, i nekonzistentno ponašanje materijala ili sposobnost sistema da se transformiše prema određenom uticaju. Vežba ima za cilj da pokrene razmišljanje o adaptabilnim prostornim konfiguracijama i uvede odgovarajuće tehnike rada.

Milica Tasić

Bojana Gočanin

Snežana Zlatković

Andrej Žikić

Nikola Samrdžija

Aleksandra  Samardžić

Danica Marinković

Milan Karaklić

Ivana Jovanović

Anđela Karabašević

Ivana Pepic

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