0809M4 Design Studio

Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 06 Oct 09

Booklet, 136 pages, A5 format, contains text and selected material from all 08/09 courses M4, M5, M9.

Posted by Vladan Stevovic 04 Mar 09

The idea is to erase the border between the river and the ground, so that there is no clear distinction between the two. Proposal is developed from components with varied properties obtained through triangular subdivision of the given lot. Resulting pattern is the used to develop flexible occupancy scenarios and introduce infrastructural strategy. Finally, as the third iteration of the pattern, known planing parameter were introduced to help control of the formal growth.

Posted by Milica Samardzija 22 Feb 09

The project is about accessibility. The most accessible spots are the intersections of the extended existing lines of communication. A few of all these spots are separated to be the initial stage of the area development. The next step is to connect the initial spots with all the spots around them in the perimeter of 150m, and so the process of development is continued through phases.

Posted by Marko Vukovic 12 Feb 09

Channel Urbanism is a way to change the current meaning and understanding of Danube waterfront. One of the main goals was to activate the “lost potential” of the river using channels which would be created in a generic manner so they could offer many solutions ( although only five of them are presented ) . As a compensation to the channel ways that would be excavated , new forms of islands would be added to the northern side of the location creating an unusual and improbable new waterfront .

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Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 28 Nov 08

One step further from the previous exercise 0809 [WS]_sheebitze is about developing purpose driven form which may require moving beyond restrictive nature of algorithmic logic. Setting up a design protocol remains essential, but interpretation of given parameters now gets into the focus of our attention. At this point we are looking for ways to transpose relevant data into the architectural form. The workshop is calling for the design of the pedestrian crossing over the rail at Belgrade Port, area already chosen for the semester-long project (see Versatilities). Suggested parameters are coming from obvious considerations regarding required clearance height of the structure and […]

Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 07 Nov 08

We did the same exercise with two previous generations0708[WS]_Sheebitze 0607[WS]_Sheebitze; it’s a fun way to start a school year. Workshop is aiming to develop understanding of the generative principles in the design process. Similar to its application in mathematics or computing, algorithmic logic here is employed for the purpose of generating form. In simple terms explained, algorithm is a set of instructions applied to a particular input in the pursuit of a certain output. It may be expressed through natural language, flowchart or programming language. Efficiency of the process is determined by the number of steps […]

Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 17 Sep 08

Graduate Programme, Module: Design Studio M5 2008/09, 18 ECTS
Djordje Stojanović, Milutin Cerović, Ivana Petruševski, Tijana Lapčević.
Architecture always arrives to a halt, a condition whereby evolving need outgrows spatial capacities and renders them obsolete. It’s not only the physical limits but also the very meaning and organizational logic of space which grow inadequate over time. Such phenomenon becomes more apparent with ever increasing dynamics of every day life, any given window of time becomes limiting for any building investment to the point where we face the choice between development and sustainability. Paradoxically we are still incapable of having both. We are […]