Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 07 Nov 08

0809M4 Workshop Sheebitze

We did the same exercise with two previous generations0708[WS]_Sheebitze 0607[WS]_Sheebitze; it’s a fun way to start a school year. Workshop is aiming to develop understanding of the generative principles in the design process. Similar to its application in mathematics or computing, algorithmic logic here is employed for the purpose of generating form. In simple terms explained, algorithm is a set of instructions applied to a particular input in the pursuit of a certain output. It may be expressed through natural language, flowchart or programming language. Efficiency of the process is determined by the number of steps implied by algorithm leading to desired solution. In architectural context, such protocol leads to generation of formal complexity based on very simple geometric rules. For the convenience, exercise is limited to accessible materials and easy-to-do techniques. So in our case, given input is a matchstick and than required output is an abstract physical model which demonstrates a degree of structural or organizational logic. At this point, architectural reasoning is confined to formal basis only.

Marko Salapura

Biljana Lojanica

Bojana Zrilić

Marko Vuković

Milica Samardžija

Uroš Maksimović

Danijela Roksandić

Miloš Živković

Mirjana Arsenovic

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