0809M5 Design Studio

Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 06 Oct 09

Booklet, 136 pages, A5 format, contains text and selected material from all 08/09 courses M4, M5, M9.

Posted by Vladan Stevovic 17 Aug 09

e The existing skeleton is developed into the space organizing mechanism meant to operate in accordance with the gradual introduction of varied public uses. Multitude of circulation routes is formed according to the intricate web of way finding rules and orientation related matter. Proposed form is generated ambiguously, via growth strategy, offering itself as a platform to which further architectural strategy may be employed and then extended to the surrounding buildings.
s Postojeci konstruktivni skelet je osnova za novu prostornu organizaciju postepenog uvodjenja javnih namena. Veliki broj pesackih komunikacija je organizovan prema mogucnostima nalazenja adekvatne putanje i stalnog osecaja orijentacije u prostoru. Predlozena […]

Posted by Marija Mikovic 20 Jul 09

e Suspended ceiling is the sole gesture planed to bring new life into the existing warehouse. Architectural intent is delivered from the interactive mechanism able to reconfigure itself according to evolving needs. The ceiling consists of elements with differing purpose, some are structural, while some are mobile and planed to be utilized differently across the interior. Differing in size, mobile components are grouped in clusters forming corresponding spaces with distinct characteristics. One such characteristic is the room height, for instance cafe area will be significantly lower then exhibition hall. Furthermore, mobile components are to be lowered to the ground level and deployed uniquely at […]

Posted by Stanislava Predojevic 15 Jul 09

e Taking into the account facts such as: proximity of the city center, plausible pedestrian routes and the river front location, it is easy to imagine that now vacant industrial warehouses forming Port of Belgrade could make the new centrality in area. This project aims to recycle industrial fabric by converting it according to various individual needs and patterns of collective behavior. The understanding of the communal aspect is based on the study of rules which could be translated into the design protocol. Any change of the input will result in the transformed output. With the change in use or if certain program […]

Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 14 Jul 09

Toward the end of the summer term, Hrib has informed me that he is in the possession of certain quantity of paper tubes and that he believes they are usable for to the course agenda. At the time we have been developing prototypes, one to one proposals for an intervention which would help revive one of the abandoned warehouses in the port of Belgrade. The effort was meant to conclude with the construction on site, but at that point it was already becoming clear that our sponsors have flaked out on us, so Hrib’s suggestion with entirely feasible proposal was […]

Posted by Ivana Petrusevski 14 Jul 09

One possible way to activate former industrial building is by inserting new programme into the existing architectural shell. In this case this is done by the gradual formation of the infrastructure for recreational activities. Introduced structures are mimicking naturally created rock suitable for free climbing according to three relevant parameters: degree of inclination, disposition of handles, and ascent trajectories. Taken as input data, these parameters are used to create formal differentiation and offer a degree of diversity to be matched with individual preferences of the users. Finally proposed structures synchronized and distributed in the existing building to help organize space […]

Posted by Aleksandar Hrib 13 Jul 09

Proposed strategy for the regeneration is aiming to reconcile former industrial building with its surroundings. Existing structure remains intact while new topography is introduced as a means to establish connection between the interior and the exterior. Initial analysis based on the catalog of suitable uses is converted into manageable data to help control the design process. A sequence of plausible design iterations has been tested with the use of a mechanism for distribution of referential points in relation to fluctuations in the parametric input. Resulting geometry is established as the optimal solution capable of fostering great number of uses.
Projekat za regeneracju […]

Posted by Marija Strajnic 09 Jul 09

The proposal is an adaptable configuration of column-like components equipped with rolled-in partitions to be expanded for space enclosure according to specific needs of the users, such as artists’ spaces or small business’ premises. In a way, project is to become a frame, changeable over time and capable of responding to diverse needs. Its transformation is parametric driven and in addition to variation in size and shape of the units, it provides for fluctuations in finishes and ambiance. High degree of customization, will give distinct identity to the space while existing qualities of the industrial warehouse space remain intact. Floor plane is another […]

Posted by Marko Stojkovic 07 Jul 09

The idea was to convert void warehouse space into the display of science and technology related innovations. Proposed organizational scheme is derived form interdependent nature of the two phenomena and has been defined topologically, imposing key definitions of the space rather then is final form. Design proposal is initiated in the form of the info pavilion, assuming that such intervention would trigger the transformation of the entire site into the museum like environment. Over the period of time, pavilion will become not more than an item on display while surrounding space will inherit its characteristics with an echoing effect to result with […]

Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 24 Jun 09

Tuesday, June 30th, 10:00h, room 223
Invited Critics: Ana Zatezalo, Bojana Vuksanovic, Danilo Dangubic