Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 14 Jul 09

0809M5 AH Chandelier

Toward the end of the summer term, Hrib has informed me that he is in the possession of certain quantity of paper tubes and that he believes they are usable for to the course agenda. At the time we have been developing prototypes, one to one proposals for an intervention which would help revive one of the abandoned warehouses in the port of Belgrade. The effort was meant to conclude with the construction on site, but at that point it was already becoming clear that our sponsors have flaked out on us, so Hrib’s suggestion with entirely feasible proposal was something of a life saver.

The proposal anticipates several uses of the same product capable to reconfigure itself accordingly. Its form changes to become a chandelier, pot holder, wine rack, or something else. The design is interactive, and changeable according to the individual preferences. In a way, its user is actively involved in the creation of its shape. Without the purpose the object is formless. It consists of paper tubes bundled together. Its size is not limited and it may be enlarged infinitely.

All paper tubes have rail-like holders to keep them together with the adjoining components, but also to provide for the sliding movement between them. Their trajectories along the single axis are making this form transformable. It is a very simple way of getting endless formal variations.

Finally, the Chandelier is ecologically friendly product. Its fabrication is based on the salvage of the previously disposed material, typically used for curtain and carpet packaging. Its production is a way of recycling. Also at the end of its lifecycle the entire product is biodegradable and easy to process.

More form Aleksandar Hrib

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