1112M5 Design Studio

Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 24 Aug 12

This is by far the largest prototypical model built in the Inconsistencies series. It was built at Kula Nebojsa in Belgrade in June this year, as a result of the workshop conceived as an integral part of the Design Studio curriculum 1112M5 for 16 students at University of Belgrade. There are several key aspects to this exercise. The model was built in the open air space, to interact with weather conditions over the period of few weeks. Elastic material behavior was a key to construction process. A custom made plug-in was […]

Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 24 Aug 12

Few pics form our study trip to Barcelona in June. The trip was organized for 16 students from University of Belgrade as a part of the Design Studio curriculum 1112M5. We  have visited following offices and institutes: MXSI architects www.mx-si.net, MiAS ARCHITECTS www.miasarchitects.com, BAAS www.jordibadia.com, Cloud 9 www.ruiz-geli.com, Carlos Ferrater Partnership (OAB) http://www.officeofarchitectureinbarcelona.com, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia www.iaac.net and  Nabito […]

Posted by Emilija Zlatkovic 07 Jul 12

This project explores landscape formation under the influence of capillary motion – the ability of a liquid substance to flow in narrow spaces without the assistance of external forces including the gravity. Such motion of water occurs naturally when surface and subterranean water fill in tiny cracks of soil. The design intent is to transpose this principle into the formative strategy at another scale, by employing movement of water in creating a network of canals with dual purpose. At first water will rinse the soil of contaminated matter; and subsequently newly created of network canals will become […]

Posted by Milan Katic 06 Jul 12

Main idea of the project is forming of the canal which would eventually provide polluted water purification in the bay, restoration of natural flow route of the Danube and creation of the new, green river island – enabling purification of the old and encouraging creation of the new ecosystem. Experimenting with material (styrofoam – its melting deformation while treated with heat in spots), determination of its deformation, researched parameters enabled further conclusions about creating of digital forms with series of their sections (with openings of different intensity and shapes), which eventually gave the final form of […]

Posted by Marija Pop-Mitic 03 Jul 12

The study investigates influence of destructive events in nature such as mudslides, erosions, floods, winds, and rainstorms in order to establish a long-term decontamination strategy for the given site. The aim is to design material processes which will result with the changing landscape under the influence of weather conditions. The design intent is to set the terrain into the motion and thus provide for the natural dissolution of the polluted matter and constitution of the new and sediment layers of land. The proposed strategy obliterates the boundary line between land and water, allowing streams of river water […]

Posted by Ivana Radovic 03 Jul 12

Rad na projektu počinje analizom materijalnih procesa nastanka rečnih ostrva duž čitavog toka Dunava. Zabeleženi  su oblici, veličina i položaj ostrva u odnosu na tok i obalu reke. Kao rezultat analize je nastao katalog koji obuhvata 296 ostrva prikazanih prema redosledu od izvora reke Dunav do njenog ušća u Crno more. Rekonfiguracija pejzaža na području Ade Huje predviđena je u analogiji sa meandriranjem, prirodnim procesom formacije terena duž rečnih dolina. Meandar je zavojita linija koja nastaje erozivnim delovanjem vode na zemljište oko korita reke. Prema prirodnim zanima, reka uvek teži da se kreće najkraćim putem, međutim usled promene nivoa vodostaja često dolazi do […]

Posted by Ana Todosijevic 01 Jul 12

This project develops a formal strategy for landscape creation in an analogy with the material processes triggered by weather conditions over long periods of time. The proposal explores condensed potential of natural forces, such as wind and atmospheric precipitation, in the formation of landscape. Material based studies form the first phase of the design process. In laboratory-like conditions, layers of sand and white flour were exposed to the simulated wind force and rainfall in order to explore formal possibilities of the proposed system. In relation to the natural configuration of the terrain, thicker and heavier layer of […]

Posted by Nikola Milanovic 01 Jul 12

The essence of the project is a distinctive type of construction that is moving and reacting to the current meteorological and atmospheric conditions on Ada Huja which are the only context that is present on the site after artificial elevation of the ground level. Stretched canvases are photovoltaic and collect solar energy while also provide protection from the sun. In the second position, the screen acts as a protection from the wind and in the third position it collects rain by imitating funnel, storing it and later is used for irrigation.
Suština projekta je karakterističan tip […]

Posted by Katarina Mercep 01 Jul 12

The design strategy is based on the regime of water flow across the surface of peninsula. The water is channeled through purpose designed network of artificial river streams and regulated with a set of barriers in the form of mini river dams. A system of river beds and dams together provide a control mechanism of material processes unfolding on the site. Fluctuating conditions of the ground surface are then associated with varied scenarios of use. The design strategy is than set around the following protocol: a. connect or disconnect to establish network of channels as river streams; […]

Posted by Ivana Radovic 16 Apr 12

Prilikom analize prirodnog procesa nastajanja rečnih ostrva za poligon je korišćen rečni tok Dunava. Ispitivani su oblici, veličina i položaj ostrva u odnosu na tok i obalu reke. Kao rezultat analize je nastao katalog u kome su sistematizovana sva ostrva od izvora do ulivanja Dunava u Crno more.
When analyzing the natural formation process of river islands, for a polygon is used river Danube. The shapes,size and position of the islands are examined in relation to the flow and the riverbank. This catalog is  result of the analysis where  are systematized all the islands from the source to the inflow of the […]