Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 28 Nov 08

0809M4 Workshop Crossing

One step further from the previous exercise 0809 [WS]_sheebitze is about developing purpose driven form which may require moving beyond restrictive nature of algorithmic logic. Setting up a design protocol remains essential, but interpretation of given parameters now gets into the focus of our attention. At this point we are looking for ways to transpose relevant data into the architectural form. The workshop is calling for the design of the pedestrian crossing over the rail at Belgrade Port, area already chosen for the semester-long project (see Versatilities). Suggested parameters are coming from obvious considerations regarding required clearance height of the structure and building regulations concerning pedestrian ways such as stairs and ramps, to those more complex in nature and connected to behavioral or environmental patterns on site. Through this workshop we are also aiming to close the gap between digital and analogue worlds in the attempt to develop comprehensive understanding of the form making and materiality. Any proposed solution is initially designed on the on the computer screen and subsequently developed through responding physical models.

Aleksandar Spasojević

Biljana Lojanica

Danijela Roksandić

Dusan Bošnjak

Ivana Damjanović

Marko Vuković

Milica Samardžija

Miloš Živković

Uroš Maksimović

Vladan Stevović

Nebojša Stevanović

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