1112M4 Design Studio

Posted by Milan Katic 11 Feb 12

The library is the logical outcame of an evolutionary upgrade (space elevation in the third dimension) of the square – an open stage, open reading room, workshop & meeting point and the powerful central space of the entire artistic ambient.The idea of  the library is to define the basic principles of spatial organization of the object, from initial conceptual diagram, itself emerged from the sunlight position analysis imbued with main movement directions and global location visures.This provided a fine-grounded starting point to the systematic solution of internal archive and space organization, […]

Posted by Katarina Mercep 06 Feb 12

Abstracting traditional demands and needs during the library’s design process, as well as synchronizing those parameters, derived new program base.The way in which space communicate with its user, along with a very specific environment, is determined by a mechanism involved in its creation;
body = space
.library // is like a host organism overwhelmed by its parasites, which coexist through a specific way. The way the library is supposed to be used setup a new matrix system of space diferentiation. It is affected by parameter analyses of various positions and proportions of a human body, as well as by […]

Posted by Emilija Zlatkovic 06 Feb 12

The building was initiated by the nature of the sponge, which refers to and reflects fundamental changes in operating environment caused by implication of new working practices, and gives consideration to the changing needs of the architecture. Porosity, as the main feature of the sponge, it is translated into a series of activities which allow different ways to connect multiple partition space. Represented activities: reading room with books, multimedia, workshops, meetings, relaxation zone, and other. Considering the complexity of the geometry, the final outcome are union of a “body” specific curvature, closed, not conditionally, in the working […]

Posted by Aleksandar Andric 05 Feb 12

Formed as a relation between historical context and contemporary conflicts, the structure is defined by three major aspects: contact with the groundwork, contemporary paradigm of library, and relation of modern user with the printed and digital media. At the point of contact with the ground, archaeological remains are incorporated into the building as its thematic definition, but in a way they are not degraded. Further development of the system was generated by the uncertainty of future library development as an institution. Maximum flexibility was a logical conclusion. By manipulating the topography, system is modified according to needs […]

Posted by Marija Pop-Mitic 02 Feb 12

Changed way of communication has led to new uses of space. The library is now transformed into an interactive space, a space for communication and socialization, thus losing the basic features of the standard library. It becomes an open, flexible space, reflecting a different relationship between people, and different attitude towards the book. A space is created  where there is blending of both programmes and physical size. This was achieved by a system platforms and their connections, with each platform located at a different height, connected with the others with  3 types of stairs, which are not […]

Posted by Ivana Radovic 02 Feb 12

Contemporary technology, new ways of communication and finding informations contributed to a different understanding of the concept of a library. The initial idea was to create space that is adaptable to changes and modern needs of library users. Horizontal strips represent mechanism of library that are banding, forming openings and shelves in relation to volume of books. This enables the transformation and expansion of the library over the years, where the transformation is rather flexible and unpredictable, because it can move in different directions (the rule of  analog or digital technology). The proposed solution is just one […]

Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 17 Nov 11

Inconsistencies v0.3
Over the period of the last twelve months, 4of7 architects have conducted several workshops to explore structural capabilities of ‘inconsistent’ building materials. All experiments are based on widely accessible resources, often used in everyday life, and easy to do techniques.  In the third and most recent phase of the project, 12 kg of yellow rubber bands were employed as construction components of a complex spatial structure. In general, rubber based materials are exploited for their ability to flex and change according to the specific external influence and then return to the pre-deformed condition.  In our case, initial […]

Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 17 Nov 11

Aerial photo of the site (1112M4 Design StudioCourseAgenda) where National Library previously was. The building is missing since WWII.

Posted by Katarina Mercep 27 Oct 11

The first pin up for graduate students 1112M4 , new library for the University of Arts in Belgrade. The library as a new tool for collecting, storing, expanding, and now creating, connecting and using information, today is interpreted through a new architectural framework, using the language of architecture in creating a new, inspiring, interactive, shifting and attractive space. Connectivity and comunication, unconstrained spaces are now becoming advantages, turning former traditional caracteristics into a benefit of an individual, and depending on its needs the space is idealized, designed and built, leaving a “ constructive gap” […]

Posted by Katarina Mercep 27 Oct 11

Biolibrary_beginning of the study develops the concept of forming a new library, a new ideological basis to be used in drafting the basic parameters that would in some way define the program. The way in which space can communicate with the user and a very specific environment, which determines the mechanism involved in its creation, as the basic matrix of interactive media. Abstraction of traditional knowledge has led to the design of new sequences. As a first step in understanding the relation between the defined monocentricity and polycentricity. This raises the question that if […]