0910M5 Design Studio

Posted by Ivana Bajceta 19 Oct 10

Proposed structure may become floor, canopy or enclosure for a number of activities planed to unfold at the roof of  the former industrial warehouse. It’s umbrella-like segments may work independently or may  join  to form larger wholes.  Their geometries are  instaitions of the single parametric component.

Posted by Ksenija Radovanovic 26 Jul 10

Krov Beton hale ne pripada samo hali, već je deo šireg sistema koji povezuje grad i reku. Nadogradnja hale se vrši kroz otvaranje njenog krova korisnicima. Kroz prostor su distribuirana polja – minimalne jedinice sposobne da prime predviđenu funkciju, koje mogu funkcionisati kao izolovani sistemi ili kao deo veće grupe. Promenom konfiguracije same jedinice i načina na koji se povezuje sa susednim menja se konfiguracija većeg sistema i time odgovara na različite prostorne potrebe. Materijalizacija je ostvarena nitima obešenim o tanke šestougaone okvire. Niti kao deo linijskog sistema postaju sredstvo definisanja prostora. Promena njihove gustine utiče na […]

Posted by Damir Alispahic 07 Jul 10

The project focuses on activation of the roof of the Beton hala by connecting it with the existing pedestrian routes. This creates space for leisure and recreation which would use roof’s big potential by adding uses and opening new vistas. The topography of the structure is derived form several paths which connect one end of the building to the other. The network of circulations connects key points and creates curves which establish the geometry of the structure.
Projekat nadogradnje Beton hale fokusira se na aktiviranje ravnog krova hale povezivanjem sa postojećim pešačkim komunikacijama. Time bi se stvorio ambijent za odmor i rekreaciju koji bi iskoristio […]

Posted by Milica Lambrin 06 Jul 10

The roof of the existing Beton Hala building is recognized as a high quality but unused public space on the River Sava, with great potential to become a city beach. The space is defined with an interconnected system of poles whose height is changeable and depends on the needs and action of the users. The poles create a grid covered by fabric. The roof construction created in this way makes the space dynamic and flexible making it possible for the users to create the space suitable to their needs.
Krov postojećeg objekta Beton Hale je prepoznat kao kvalitetan ali neiskorišćen javni […]

Posted by Natalija Saric 03 Jul 10

Ideja je da se u okviru Beton hale zadrze već postojeće namene usluga, poslovanje i kultura, i poveća upotrebni kapacitet objekta. Kao mehanizam za kontrolu ovakve strategije upotrebljena je  prostorna spirala koja formira opnu duž citavog objekta, i čije oscilacije (širenje i skupljanje) definišu odnos posotjeceg i dogradjenog volumena. Na mestima gde se namena menja spirala se prekida i deformiše  u zavisnosti od potreba. Istovremeno, ostvareno je dobro osvetljenje jedinica, inteziviran je kontakt medju nivoima i sa rekom, i šetalište je prošireno.
The idea is to keep the existing uses leisure, work and culture and expand their capacities. A new envelope, in the form of a spiraling strip is proposed and used as a mechanism to establish control over the expansion strategy.  Oscillations […]

Posted by Nikola Todorovic 01 Jul 10

The project seeks to provide spatial improvements and enable further development to the building according to already established behavioral patterns of its users. I wanted to create transformable office space that may be used differently at times. The idea was to hold on to all the existing pillars and use them as referential greed and than add rotating panels to achieve adaptability in the internal organisation by creating rooms, landscape office space and atriums. Atriums are public spaces connected to the public esplanade.
Projekat je nastao iz analize postojećih adaptacija na Beton hali i pokušaja da se ovaj princip poboljša. Namera je da se stvore poslovni […]

Posted by Milica Vujovic 30 Jun 10

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Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 18 Jun 10

End of the term Review 11h, 25.06.2010, room 236 AFB

Work in progress by Milica Vujović

Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 26 May 10

Back from the study trip to Lisbon where we have visited seven offices: Aires Mateus and Associados , Gonçalo Byrne Arquitectos , Nadir Bonaccorso Arquitectos Associados João Pedro Falcão de Campos, Bak Gordon Arquitectos, Ricardo Carvalho Joana Vilhena Arquitectos and João Luís Carrilho da Graça Arquitectos. With many thanks to Gabriela Raposo for the help and coordination.

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Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 19 May 10

Concrete is used more than any other construction material in the world. We have spent the first part of the summer term working on the design for the concrete wall, 700 meter long and 3 meter tall. The purpose of the exercise is to develop understanding of the relationship between the fabrication processes and the design intent. Work process was structured around the series of plaster models meant to simulate casting techniques used in the building industry. We have chosen concrete for its plasticity and tactile diversity. Selected projects apply varied casting techniques and use moulds differently to […]