Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 20 Jan 12

1011M5 at Thessaloniki

The exhibition titled Open Systems co-curated by Milica Tasic, featuring selection of student work from past semester (1011M4, 1011M5 Design Studio Course at the first year of graduate studies at University of Belgrade)  is at  Architecture Biennale of Thessaloniki 2012 as a part of exhibition Architecture and the City in South East Europe . The initiative aims at starting a dialogue between the Schools of Architecture of South East Europe. Therefore the encouragement of showcasing each School’s unique view on the subject of Architecture and the City is considered necessary. Each one of the participants is considered a cell that carries information, a transmitter of ideas and questions. The coexistence of all the cells is hoped to lead to a fertile interaction between them. The Exhibition  takes place from January 18th to February 26th, 2012.


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