1213M4 Design Studio

Posted by Uroš Divac 05 Feb 13

Main idea of my project is polyvalence – meaning multiple and different forms, purposes and meanings. That is also the characteristic of network as a term: it can change its shape, ways of manifestation, users, infrastructure, carry various messages, have different capacity, density and speed, but it is united into one system. As connections and flows are not fixed in space, architecture of connections and flows should be changeable and inconstant. Reducing the main idea of architecture to the network of communications simplifies the architecture, but it firmly points out the idea of network and exchange of information.
Walls and membranes […]

Posted by Tijana Čolović 05 Feb 13

Project is based on creating space that is a line between closed and open, and that integrates free energy contained in the natural environment. Two of the major factors that shape the area are  weather and water.Connecting the Institute for New Media and current sociological aspects of block 45, is combined in this space that is alternating sequence of actions depending on the pace of climate change. Underground space, occurs as a statement of the lesser temperature variability, and the apparent isolation; connectivity with the river as a desire to feel closer to the coastline in further […]

Posted by Ljubica Arsic 02 Feb 13

Overlapping of connections and flows is the theme of the project. The boundaries define a space of containers and places, while the networks establish a space of links and flows. Crossing the various boundaries that surround us there are paths, pipes, wires, and other channels that spatially concentrate inflows and outflows of people. Within the relatively stable framework of our interconnecting, overlapping, sometimes shared transfer networks, our intricately interwoven demands and responses create fluctuating conditions of freedom and constraint. Extension and entanglement trump enclosure and autonomy. Boundary, flow, and control systems subdivide our space into specialized, […]

Posted by Aleksandar Bursac 02 Feb 13

The initial intent was to retain the existing atmosphere and to express it through the project itself by introducing the phenomenon of the beach into the institute. And so the “institute” and the “beach” are formulated as initial typologies that polarize the space in between, creating fields filled with transitional types. These types are exhibited in a series of different situations more inclined towards the phenomenon of the beach or the institute. Moving through this field, an individual can experience space through the understanding of differences between these situations, all the while generating an understanding of one […]

Posted by Rastko Mazic 02 Feb 13

Envelopment– Understanding of materialization of an object in architecture today has a key role, so the context of the external environment network has to be valorized and understood. The materials give an essential quality of structural individuation, making it quite different from the expected.
The natural skin is a layer zero of an innate boundary structure, the clothing is a layer of soft architecture wrapped around the contours of a body, and the room is a sloughed-off carpace cast into rigorous laws of geometry, paced in a defined place […]

Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 13 Sep 12

Module: Design Studio M4.1 2012/13, 18ECTS
Djordje Stojanovic and Milutin Cerovic
Graduate Programme, Faculty of  Architecture – University of Belgrade
Throughout this semester, in continuation with the agenda form the past two years, we will be investigating into the potentials which have emerged from the ongoing convergence between contemporary architecture and the new media. The term “new media” is primarily related to communications and encompasses broad spectrum of innovations based on the use of digital technologies. It has been said many times that such novelties have led to the creation of new social, cultural and economic structures, which in turn enable […]

Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 13 Sep 12

Module M7.1 Design Workshop, 2ECTS
Embodied Machines, October 15th-20th, 2012
Soomeen Hahm and Igor Pantić (Zaha Hadid Architects)
Graduate Programme, Faculty of  Architecture – University of Belgrade
Embodied Machines is a 7 day workshop with focus on generative algorithmic design and use of multi-agent systems. The workshop will establish a framework for research on non-linear design strategies, mapping the behavioral patterns and establishing rules of interaction of autonomous agents (“digital architectural machines”) to create complex design ecologies. During the workshop students will be exposed to scripting environment in Processing/Java, in order to establish […]