Posted by Marija Mikovic 20 Jul 09

0809 MM String Puppet

e Suspended ceiling is the sole gesture planed to bring new life into the existing warehouse. Architectural intent is delivered from the interactive mechanism able to reconfigure itself according to evolving needs. The ceiling consists of elements with differing purpose, some are structural, while some are mobile and planed to be utilized differently across the interior. Differing in size, mobile components are grouped in clusters forming corresponding spaces with distinct characteristics. One such characteristic is the room height, for instance cafe area will be significantly lower then exhibition hall. Furthermore, mobile components are to be lowered to the ground level and deployed uniquely at different clusters to become furniture pieces (i.e. chair, lamp or display element). This way floor plane becomes the mirror image of the ceiling, populated with furniture pieces now missing form the above. In this protocol each user is entitled to make individual decision on how to use a mobile piece, making way for the sum of the individual decisions to leave key mark on the overall interior form.

s Celokupna revitalizacija čeone hale rešena je spuštenim plafonom. Plafon se sastoji od primarnih komponenti-nosača i sekundarnih-nameštaja. Zajedno, komponente čine sistem koji se menja i prilagođava potrebama i broju korisnika hale. Sekundarne komponente su pokretljive i promenljive, grupisane su u veće i manje klastere. Veličina zavisi od namene prostora ispod. Klasteri su spušteni na različite visine koje su uslovljene stepenom privatnosti prostora iznad kojeg su, npr. klaster iznad kafea je niži u odnosu na klaster iznad izložbenog prostora. Nameštaj se sa plafona spušta uz pomoć sajli, i sam ima mogućnost transformacije, npr. stolica se skuplja u lampu. Pod je negativ plafona- koliko je namestaja na podu toliko fali komponenti na plafonu. Korisnik samim privlačenjem stolice utiče na izgled hale.

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