0708M5 Design Studio

Posted by Aleksandar Lalovic 30 Jul 08

This is partially built physical model of a Beach Sunshade. The structure is made by multiplication of basic cells. Height and tilt angle of cells are dimensioned according to incidence angle of suns rays in order to make perforated structure that produces constant shade. Some of the cells are extended all the way to the ground level in order to provide structural support and lift the sunshade of the ground.

Posted by Ivana Petrusevski 25 Jul 08

_located on the sea_ connecting gulf locations by floating units_ 16 types of floats and 8 types of apartaments, different by size and group of people who use it_ connecting, growing, moving into coral structure_ changing during the day as the people rent units_ two fixed parts, and many moving units_ different functions of units, vertical comunication, floats, apartaments, scuba diving polygon…_

Posted by Vesna Jovanovic 14 Jul 08

The project explores the possibility of linking voronoi configurations with the spatial organization, in this case, of an educational youth community on the slope of Strmac, adjacent to the beach. The natural configuration would surpass the limitations of the slope and serve as an infrastructural vein that would allow for further development of the area. It would also easily blend into the surrounding nature, camouflaged by trees and the rocky terrain.

Posted by Mladen Pesic 12 Jul 08

Posted by Dimitrije Radosavljevic 07 Jul 08

Project goal is to develop structural façade responsive to the daily weather changes / / / pattern is applied to the doubly curved façade surface, in order to defines structural logic and surface subdivision/ / each field responds to the diagram which combines sun exposure and degree of curvature / / With this mechanism, components were assigned with a specific vector, later used for a position and scale of the openings through the façade membrane / / /

Posted by Milutin Cerovic 07 Jul 08

The main idea is to apply structural logic in definition of the spatial organization. The public area is situated between the supports of the sun shelter, while the private area, the showers, toilets, bar and the sun tanning area are located in the supports themselves, the places where the sun shelter touches the ground.

Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 30 Jun 08

End of the year review on Wednesday July 2nd, 10:30am, room 235.
Work in progress by Dimitrije Radosavljević.

Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 16 Jun 08

To build an object in supernatural scale, three times bigger then it was originally conceived, is the idea meant to test relationship between the design and the production, between digital and physical, between simulation and real. This was done as a collective effort, lasting several days. The exercise included exploration of available means of production and it included consideration of construction materials within pre decided construction budget. The end result was structurally self sufficient, almost.

Posted by Milutin Cerovic 26 May 08

materijal – troslojni karton
format 73/71 cm
cena 35,40 din
količina 175
———————————————————————————- 6195,00 din
štampa – papir 80 g/m2
rolna 0,70 m
cena 100 din/m2
količina 127,75 m
———————————————————————————– 8942,00 din
———————————————————————————-15137,00 din

Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 09 May 08

Radionica ima za cilj upotrebu gradjevinskog materijala i proizvod u svoj pirodnoj veličini. Proces rada se kerece od digitalnog modela, preko makete do krjanjeg proizvoda, spremnog za upotrebu i serijsku proizvodnju. Nakon izbora najprikladnjih resenja u razmeri 1-2, prelazimo na razradu radioničkih crteza, i kalkulaciju gradjeviskih troškova. Tokom poslednje nedelje semestra bavimo se asamblazom finalnog proizvoda. Vezba se svodi na simulaciju kompletnog gradjevinskog procesa, od koncepta do gotovog proizvoda i uspostavljanja povratnih uticaja izmedju arhitektoskog crteža, modela, i prototipa.