Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 12 Sep 11

1112AA Encoded Augmentations

above: David Match ‘Coathangers. Any augmentation process may potentially land itself to a specific design strategy. For instance, Real estate, urban planning, generic architecture and now commercial fashion dwell mainly on the idea of rapid growth with financial goals. On the other side, as the desire for luxury goods and high-end designers labels grow globally, so too does the discerning wish to hang on to their individuality.  Encoded Augmentations is the agenda for the studio by Djordje Stojanovic at   Architectural Association Visiting School in Paris,  31Oct-10Nov 201. The studio will fuse knowledge of augmentation and disproportion from cosmetic plastic surgery and fashion industry with an architectural digital and physical memento. Students will be led to observe and scan a segment of their own  anatomy to be and to become the field condition for their projects. Such context capture will be nurtured by digital modelling techniques and geometric rasterization processes of computing, mapping and indexing, from scene geometries to working models, ready for transformation and transgression. Later on, Encoded Augmentations will dive into the form making process. We will grow, extend and reinforce key features of each precedent model to produce series of rapid prototypes. Real size models will be showcased in the concluding stages of the workshop realized through a comprehensive grounding in making skills, technical and materials research providing a firm basis to explore novel matter, emerging technologies and new fashions on garments construction.

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