Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 05 Apr 09

Which One?

These are all variations of a small mountain house we are working on at the moment. Design iterations are based on the manipulation of several simple parameters: buildings height, planarity of the roof planes and their inclination. The constants are: building’s footprint measuring 7x7m, sloping terrain and main entrance position is below the deck. Pls, choose one option by using the poll on the right hand side.

During the month of April 2009, public poll results with the voting body of 40 showed following preference:
model12-5% 2/40, model15-10% 4/40, model17-7% 3/40, model12L1-7%3/40, model12L2-15% 6/40, model12L3-15% 6/40, model10SS1-2% 1/40,model10SS2-7% 3/40, model10SS3-5% 2/40, modelPS1 – 2% 1/40,modelPS3-17% 7/40, model PS4-25% 10/40

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