1011M5 Design Studio

Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 20 Jan 12

The exhibition titled Open Systems co-curated by Milica Tasic, featuring selection of student work from past semester (1011M4, 1011M5 Design Studio Course at the first year of graduate studies at University of Belgrade)  is at  Architecture Biennale of Thessaloniki 2012 as a part of exhibition Architecture and the City in South East Europe . The initiative aims at starting a dialogue between the Schools of Architecture of South East Europe. Therefore the encouragement of showcasing each School’s unique view […]

Posted by Milica Tasic 21 Jul 11

Metropol is perceived as a completely organized system. Its balance is being disrupted by implementing a new program in the middle of the object.  The existing organization is therefore changed, and horizontal and vertical communications become equal. The enlarged hallway becomes the extension of the basic living unit, and  the original distinction between public and private spaces is now blurred. By leaving the privacy of his room, student gets immediately involved in social life of the building. Second important aspect of the project is the new envelope around the building. It includes the existing structure and forms […]

Posted by Ruzica Jovanovic 20 Jul 11

The main idea, that the project aims for, was to create a continous open space in the center of the Metropol. By removing the building’s core a visual link between the Boulevard and the park is assigned. Since the terms of reference required the hotel to be transformed into a students’ dorm, the whole space is devided in two elements: The first is the kernel, the public space diffusing from the core of the Metropol. This space is devised as a lane, a pathway bent and planted inside the structure, providing continous program and communication. The second part is the […]

Posted by Milutin Cerovic 19 Jul 11

Hotel Metropol was built by Dragiša Brašovan in 1957 as a prestigious hotel accommodating the elite of the 70s and 80s. This project deals with its transformation into a student housing complex.
Each room is extruded towards the park, into a living room that is shared between a number of individual units. Living rooms are then combined to form a terrace, a common, open space facing the park. Corridors are excluded and the rooms are entered from the terraces.
The object doesn’t exist as a whole anymore, but is divided into a number of individual groups […]

Posted by Snezana Zlatkovic 18 Jul 11

Metropol, project of the Modernism, at the same time deteriorated by the contemporary investors, posed many questions about the way to intervene upon it. The old is clearly separated from the new. The existing structure of the building is used for student living units. Newly formed towers are inserted into the object creating common spaces with different functions. They are united in one inner layer, and then each of them is continued by forming one student room per one level.  These towers become the new silhouette of the city, the main concept of the project. The goal […]

Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 17 May 11

Radionici pod nazivom ’Ceresit Podalon’ koja na nestandardan način demonstrira upotrebu Ceresit proizvoda, održava se na ovogodišnjem Mikser Festivalu. U organizaciji Arhitektonskog studija 4od7 , uz pomoć studenata Arhitektonskog fakulteta u Beogradu u prostoru Expo garaže biće predstavljen eksperimentalni rad sa dve forme nestandardne geometrije. Prva pod radnim nazivom ’Balon’ je razapeta tekstilna struktura koja postaje element rasvete. Druga pod radnim nazivom ’Pod’ je objekat sa drvenom podkonstrukcijom i ispunom. Ako želite da učestvujete na radionici, pomognete u sklapanju Poda […]

Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 15 Apr 11

Back from the study trip to Copenhagen and visit to following offices: ADEPT, EFFEKT, BIG, COBE and WE.

Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 10 Feb 11

Patterns of structure….Working on the summer term agenda for the design studio, presentations are tomorrow 13h…will be showing Hans Jenny’s Resonance work, discovered through Greg Lynn’s book “Animate Form” …speaker’s voice is quite something.
Ovde vidimo uticaj rezonance na materiju; vibracija pokreće čestice neke supstance. Promenom frekvencije, odnosno borja vibracija u sekundi, dolazi do materijalne promene. Ovo je primer dinamičkog sistema, u kome se forma manifestuje kao segment kontinualnog procesa. Kod ovakvih sistema dolazi do promene unutar samog sistema prema informacijama koje stižu iz okruženja.
Stdeunts: Karabašević Anđela, Tasić Milica, Zlatković Snežana, Jovanović Ružica, Obradović Bogdan, […]