0910M4 Design Studio

Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 27 May 10

The Poly-Centric Ceiling prototype is complete. The project started by 4of7 as a competition entry for the Serbian Pavilion at 12th Venice Biennale of Architecture. Assembly was done with the help of current and past students: Milica Vujovic, Ksenija Radovanovic, Dimitrije Radosavljevic, Milica Golic, Ivana Bajceta, Milica Lambrin. The projcet was suported by Vez produkt doo.

Posted by Ljiljana Vidovic 03 Feb 10

The information gathered to start the project comes from the two main aspects: topographic condition or steepness of the terrain and a visual presence of the sea. Design process, structured in the algorithmic way, begins with the formation of the polygonal mesh onto which subsequent data is transposed. In a series of steps, polygonal mesh lends itself to become an architectural form. Traffic ways are accommodate in a gradual transformation of the terrain. Key isolines are extruded to become front facades of the housing units with unobstructed views of the sea. Cascading nature of the form provides for the segregation […]

Posted by Tijana Jovanovic 02 Feb 10

Rijeka fringes are populated with high-rise residential rise buildings form sixties. This project adopts the ‘tower’ solution for low cost housing and develops the idea further with an aim to contribute to city’s silhouette. The model is geared to provide a high number of housing units overlooking the Kvarner Bay while several configurations have been tested for their visibility form other parts of the city. Number and volume of the residential buildings are interdependent aiming to maintain the fixed number of units while different formal options were examined.
Na obodima grada Rijeke se nalaze stambeni soliteri iz sezdesetih godina. Ovaj projekat […]

Posted by Filip Mitrovic 01 Feb 10

The project geometry is developed around the uniform tilling system. Initially, rhombitrihexagonal pattern is applied along terrain’s isolines to form a set of cascading platforms. According to individual preferences, dwellings are configured with the use of two planar components, triangles and quadrants. The project has a potential to change, as system may adapt to varied requirements of its users.
Prva faza projekta se odnosi na prilagođavanje rombitriheksagonalne mreže izohipsama na lokaciji u cilju stvaranja kasakada koje omogućavaju bolje korišćenje prostora i otvaranja vizura ka moru. Nakon uvođenja kolskih i pešačkih komunikacija korišćenjem dva geometrijska oblika, kvadrata i trougla, formiraju se parcele. […]

Posted by Nikola Todorovic 30 Jan 10

This is an attempt to reconcile high density ratio of the development and individual needs for each dwelling unit including the access to the private garden. Existing terrain configuration is transposed into the geometric pattern of the project. Buildings vary in their size according to their internal programs but also according to their relation with adjacent forms. Each unit is granted a sea view and easy access to local amenities, much like to the traditional communities located in this part of the Adriatic Coast.
Projekat tezi da pronadje ravnotezu izmedju potrebe za visokom gusitnom izgradjenosti, odnosno boljom iskoriscenoscu zemljista i individualnih […]

Posted by Milica Vujovic 29 Jan 10

Relationship between the neighbouring buildings is central to the project. The existing topography with the projected allotment is represented as a polygonal mesh. Its tessellation relates to the inclination of the terrain and the most logical communication routes. Housing units are taking shape of the truncated pyramids with their bases belonging to polygonal patches. Their peaks are positioned and adjusted so that buildings do not obstruct each other view of the sea. In result, all buildings have individual characteristics while belonging to the same community.
Odnos izmedju susednih objekata je centralna ideja projekta. Postojeca topografija terena i raspodela gradjevinskih parcela su […]

Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 28 Jan 10

Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 02 Dec 09

Here is an example of applied parametric modeling we have developed for the project in East Africa. The intent is to create spatial solution which would be able to grow and adapt according to the changing need; or according to varied conditions at different locations. Notionally, if more and more modules were to be added, such configuration could grow infinitely but always confined the circular matrix, defined by three differently sized courtyards. More about the project at http://4ofseven.com/

Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 21 Nov 09

Selected projects are the end result of the exercise started with the Rhino tutorial earlier this semester. From then on we have gradually developed formal strategies around primal architectural reasoning. Parametric modeling tools were exploited for the development of structural, organizational and geometric logic.

Selektovani projekti su proizvod radionice koja je krenula od obuke u Rhinu na pocetku semestra. Od tada smo postepeno razvijali formalne strategije prema osnovnim arhitektonskim rezonima. Parametarsko modelovanje je upotrebljeno kao alat za razvoj strukturalne, organizacione ili geometrijske logike.

Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 23 Sep 09

Far from Home…It is not uncommon for architects to work far from home, whereby the ability to develop quick understanding of the alien environment will determine the rate of project’s success. This year Studio will look into the context of Rijeka, a coastal town belonging to the neighboring state of Croatia. We will be working at the peripheral site with the pronounced topography and intimate relationship with the surrounding nature. Presence of the large green zone and unspoiled views of the Adriatic Seа are two main assets to be considered in preparation of the design strategies. In addition, this site […]