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1516M04 MD Mnemonic Media Center


//Mnemonic// Something (such as a word, a sentence, or a song) that helps people remember something (such as a rule or a list of names etc.)

In architecture, mnemonic might refer to a transfer of certain information and heraldic and visual signs into the context in order to the establish new genius loci by using consumerist principles through architecture.

The initial idea for the Mnemonic Building for Media Center lies in visual transformation of a certain form and in its capability, depending on the moment given, to possess very direct, extravagant and almost vulgar visual characteristics inevitable for space animation in the consumerist age, while in other situation, with no consumers around, it becomes very neutral and subtle to its surroundings.


1516M04_Milica_Dukic_Analiza Fasada_Senzori_Blok dijagram_Morfogeneza


The main communication system of a mnemonic building is its kinetic facade which transforms itself periodically into the architectonics of signs and information which are being released into space.The displayed information depends on the altitude of a building where specificity of the information drops with the building’s height that is related to the distance from which the building is being percieved.The most detailed information and commercial visuals are being displayed at the bottom of the building, while at very top of the building general information such as time, weather, pollution, radiation etc. are being broadcasted.


1516M04_Milica_Dukic_Dispozicija funkcija

1516M04_Milica_Dukic_Poduzni presek

1516M04_Milica_Dukic_Poprecni presek

The facade consists of “Low-res” transparent acrylic rods which move translatory depending on the number of observers in the surrounding streets where the sensors are placed. Each sensor has its own zone on the facade which is being activated after collecting numerical data from the spot. The facade transformation occurs namely when the sensor counts more than 50 observers in the zone. When that is the case, the acrylic rods start to move where each rod tip functions as a pixel forming all together curved screens which broadcast commercials visible from a specific distance, mainly from the streets where the sensors are placed. The fewer the observers, the less is the facade activated, broadcasting fewer commercials which finally leads to the situation when there are no observers (consumers) around, the building itself has no consumerist features being displayed, therefore becoming neutral and passive to its surroundings.












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