1011M4 Design Stduio

Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 20 Jan 12

The exhibition titled Open Systems co-curated by Milica Tasic, featuring selection of student work from past semester (1011M4, 1011M5 Design Studio Course at the first year of graduate studies at University of Belgrade)  is at  Architecture Biennale of Thessaloniki 2012 as a part of exhibition Architecture and the City in South East Europe . The initiative aims at starting a dialogue between the Schools of Architecture of South East Europe. Therefore the encouragement of showcasing each School’s unique view […]

Posted by Ruzica Jovanovic 16 Feb 11

The initial idea was to develop a system that is modular, and at the same  time, a system that does not enforce repetition, like most modular systems do, but on the contrary, endorses differentiation of space, allowing for different qualities of space inside of it. Proposed module, the dodecahedron, is load bearing  and multiplied to support the membrane of the building which provides a diversity of spaces inside, suitable for different and variable usage that depends on the needs of the artists and vitors. Such system divides the space roughly on ateliers for artists, placed in the […]

Posted by Snezana Zlatkovic 16 Feb 11

Cultural center is composed of two wholes. The first one is ground floor – remodeled terrain with a polycentric organization of space. These centers are based upon the activities that are supposed to happen around them and specific service functions inside. They become the only structural load bearing element of the building. The space around them is polyvalent, the program is defined only among the centers, and is spread freely between them, according to the users needs. During the day it is open to public, cultural programmes are happening in the open, and it becomes an extension […]

Posted by Milica Tasic 15 Feb 11

In contrast to museum institutions where space organisation is precisely determined in each and every segment, cultural centers are being formed throughout their use. Such concept gives everyone an equal opportunity to find their own path through the building and to develop individual scenario of use. However, not one use is isolated. Combined together, different scenarios of use form the overall image of the space. Architecture is representing a shell which is being populated and filled with activity. Accordingly, result is always unpredictable. Building consists of two segments: public space and working space for artists. The core […]

Posted by Andjela Karabasevic 06 Feb 11

Cultural center is perceived as a mediator between the public and the artists. It’s main role is to inform and educate everyone, and to include culture in our everyday lives. The idea is to design a space which would realize this mediation. By offering access to the roof from every level of the object, a public space is created and the common notion of a roof is redefined. It becomes an open space flowing throughout the whole building. Thus, this void  connects the park in front, the spaces inside the center and the inner private gardens of […]

Posted by Andjela Karabasevic 15 Nov 10

Examining the spatial capacities and limitations of the polygon given for the intervention. The concept of the cultural center with all its complexity compressed within one layer which than acts as a living organism answering to the specific exterior and interior conditions and needs.  Which is the best way to adapt within but also to unobtrusively improve the existing surroundings?
Ispitivanje prostornih kapaciteta i ograničenja poligona predviđenog za intervenciju. Koncept kulturnog centra koji se, sa svom svojom složenošću, sažima unutar jednog jedinog sloja koji se zatim ponaša kao živo biće pokušavajući da odgovori na posebne uslove i potrebe […]

Posted by Ivana Jovanovic 14 Nov 10

Funkcionalni i prostorni model. Prikazuje četiri glavna mesta za aktivnosti u okviru programa kulturnog centra, i tribine, rampe, stepeništa… koji su namenski postavljeni da podržavaju i upotpunjuju ta mesta. Prostor koji je povezan, protočan, vizuelno i komumikacijski neprekinut. Prostor kao celina, ili kao više odvojenih entiteta.

Functional and spatial model. Shows the four main locations for activities within the cultural center, and the stands, ramps, stairs … that are specifically set up to support and complement these places. Space that is connected, flowing, visually and communicatively continuous. Space as a whole, or as several separate entities.

Posted by Milica Tasic 08 Nov 10

Two ambients. The world of an artist and the world of the visitor. Research process is focused toward questioning this relation. Does boundary exists and if it does under which conditions can it disappear. Examining and comparing the path as a process of creating and the path as a process of learning and finding points in which these two paths intersect.
Dva ambijenta. Svet umetnika i svet posetioca. Proces istraživanja je usmeren na ispitivanje navedenog odnosa. Da li granica postoji i ako postoji u kom trenutku može da nestane. Ispitivanje putanje kao procesa stvaranja i putanje […]

Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 25 Oct 10

Goomitze or rubber band workshop combines a design method based on the consistent use of the single component to be multiplied according to some geometric protocol, and the inconsistent material behaviour or systems inherent capacity to flex and change according to some external influence. The exercise aims to initiate thinking about adaptable spatial configurations and introduce appropriate working techniques to be utilised throughout the semester.
Rubber band is produced in vast quantities and used for various practical reasons. It is known for its elasticity or the capacity to withstand transformation and return to the pre-deformed condition. In general rubber […]