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Aerial Alchemy | E-Tree

PolyArk 5: PolyAir
Aerial Alchemy

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This project is based on a single, environmentally friendly and useful, device designed for augmenting, enhancing or just creatively shaping air space in public urban areas.

A device with an ambition to bring additional comfort to green areas within cities.

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Based on the idea of immateriality, it focuses on designing space defined not by a single border line, but through gradients of energies nested within its surroundings.

This form of air conditioning focuses on altering airborne information usually not controlled by humans, such as weather, illumination, and directed data flow by creating inviting, overlapping microclimatic zones that are friendly, hostile, spiritual, exciting or relaxing.

This design principle can also be used to redress the problem of urban segregation, and examining the corporatization of public space by focusing on hostile architecture where architectural elements and the public realm are used to positively control human behavior.

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This device has a purpose of positively affecting the air around itself by recognizing information from its surroundings and by having an adequate position and reaction to these situations. These reactions are based on input parameters such as presence of people, insolation and temperature and output information forming various easily achievable comfort zones that are defined by mechanisms that provide heating, cooling, shade and Wi-Fi.

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Most of these mechanisms are designed to work through the use of rain water collected by the device and electrical energy powered by external solar panels.

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The main idea is activating public space by inserting small-scale mechanisms that could transform the ambient conditions within the city.
This kind of artificial forestation can be achieved by repetitious positioning of these mechanisms in a square pattern with exception at places of already existing – natural trees.

Final image, a reactivate public space acting through energy exchange with the environment it is located in.

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New microclimates

Series of minimum and multipurpose infrastructural elements, or the trees, are actually a mechanism that blurs boundaries between two dichotomies; a mechanism which seeks to create artificial ecologies using natural processes to form a dissolved gradient and to question how specific boundaries materialize, rematerialize, and finally dematerialize in different ways though use of an adaptive interactive structure.

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