1314AA Architectural Association Visting School Tehran

Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 30 Sep 13

Computing the Anatomy of Tehran
Architectural Association Visiting School August 30th – September 14th 2013
Course Tutors: Djordje Stojanovic and Milutin Cerovic
Course Director: Omid Kamvari
Students: Aida Montazeran, Anahita Modrek, Marmar Davoodzadeh, Shiva Raissi, Hamideh Rimaz, Mohammad Masih Yarahmadi, Navid Niazkar, Hirbod Norouzianpour, Hoda Barzegar Ganji, Rozita Sarraf, Maryam Altaf, Marjan Mostavi, Mahan Motamedi,  Behzad Vossoughi, AmirKhalili, Masoud Saeedian, Asad Delsouz Khaki, Nahal Mohtashami, Mostafa Akbari, Melika Banizamall, Hoda Farazandeh, Parnia Foroutan.
The research is be based on the data available on the internet and information gathered through […]

Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 29 Aug 13

Traveling to Iran tonight for another Architectural Association Visiting School workshop (August 30th – September 14th 2013), here is the agenda:
Computing the Anatomy of Tehran
Tehran, Iran’s capital will be used as a testing ground within the framework of the design based research into the continually changing anatomy of the present day cities. The problem in Tehran, like in other fast growing cities, is that processes of urban growth are difficult to control and take their toll on the environment through air and water pollution, accompanied with the loss of arable land […]