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Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 30 Sep 13

Computing the Anatomy of Tehran
Architectural Association Visiting School August 30th – September 14th 2013
Course Tutors: Djordje Stojanovic and Milutin Cerovic
Course Director: Omid Kamvari
Students: Aida Montazeran, Anahita Modrek, Marmar Davoodzadeh, Shiva Raissi, Hamideh Rimaz, Mohammad Masih Yarahmadi, Navid Niazkar, Hirbod Norouzianpour, Hoda Barzegar Ganji, Rozita Sarraf, Maryam Altaf, Marjan Mostavi, Mahan Motamedi,  Behzad Vossoughi, AmirKhalili, Masoud Saeedian, Asad Delsouz Khaki, Nahal Mohtashami, Mostafa Akbari, Melika Banizamall, Hoda Farazandeh, Parnia Foroutan.
The research is be based on the data available on the internet and information gathered through […]

Posted by Emilija Zlatkovic 07 Jul 12

This project explores landscape formation under the influence of capillary motion – the ability of a liquid substance to flow in narrow spaces without the assistance of external forces including the gravity. Such motion of water occurs naturally when surface and subterranean water fill in tiny cracks of soil. The design intent is to transpose this principle into the formative strategy at another scale, by employing movement of water in creating a network of canals with dual purpose. At first water will rinse the soil of contaminated matter; and subsequently newly created of network canals will become […]

Posted by Marija Pop-Mitic 03 Jul 12

The study investigates influence of destructive events in nature such as mudslides, erosions, floods, winds, and rainstorms in order to establish a long-term decontamination strategy for the given site. The aim is to design material processes which will result with the changing landscape under the influence of weather conditions. The design intent is to set the terrain into the motion and thus provide for the natural dissolution of the polluted matter and constitution of the new and sediment layers of land. The proposed strategy obliterates the boundary line between land and water, allowing streams of river water […]

Posted by Marija Pop-Mitic 02 Feb 12

Changed way of communication has led to new uses of space. The library is now transformed into an interactive space, a space for communication and socialization, thus losing the basic features of the standard library. It becomes an open, flexible space, reflecting a different relationship between people, and different attitude towards the book. A space is created  where there is blending of both programmes and physical size. This was achieved by a system platforms and their connections, with each platform located at a different height, connected with the others with  3 types of stairs, which are not […]

Posted by Djordje Stojanovic 17 Nov 11

Inconsistencies v0.3
Over the period of the last twelve months, 4of7 architects have conducted several workshops to explore structural capabilities of ‘inconsistent’ building materials. All experiments are based on widely accessible resources, often used in everyday life, and easy to do techniques.  In the third and most recent phase of the project, 12 kg of yellow rubber bands were employed as construction components of a complex spatial structure. In general, rubber based materials are exploited for their ability to flex and change according to the specific external influence and then return to the pre-deformed condition.  In our case, initial […]

Posted by Milica Tasic 15 Feb 11

In contrast to museum institutions where space organisation is precisely determined in each and every segment, cultural centers are being formed throughout their use. Such concept gives everyone an equal opportunity to find their own path through the building and to develop individual scenario of use. However, not one use is isolated. Combined together, different scenarios of use form the overall image of the space. Architecture is representing a shell which is being populated and filled with activity. Accordingly, result is always unpredictable. Building consists of two segments: public space and working space for artists. The core […]