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Posted by Stanislava Predojevic 18 Oct 10

The analysis of comlex sociological factors and built environment has provided a number of  input parameters for shaping and redefinig the city block. Architecture becomes a living part of this complexity. It plays a role of the urban parasite– indicator that has chosen to adapt right in that moment in that segment and in that way. The city block becomes the field of relations and reactions, a scenery of many interwoven influences.
The “extension” of the city block represents not only an extension of the built structure but also a redefinition of the interwoven functions and their mutual […]

Posted by Stanislava Predojevic 31 May 10

The  ideais to explore and propose use of L-systems as a new form of diagram research that would be applicable in the experimental architectural programs and practices. The survey is made in a light of L-systems as a form of technical, analytical and visual, architectural and theoretical thinking. Selected generic principle is assumed as a rule, method of functioning based on the initial set of parameters translated into an algorithm and guidelines for the spatial and programmatic architectural design and interaction within it. Parametric variations in geometry gained on the basis of the L-systems logic are shown through a sequence. […]

Posted by Stanislava Predojevic 15 Jul 09

e Taking into the account facts such as: proximity of the city center, plausible pedestrian routes and the river front location, it is easy to imagine that now vacant industrial warehouses forming Port of Belgrade could make the new centrality in area. This project aims to recycle industrial fabric by converting it according to various individual needs and patterns of collective behavior. The understanding of the communal aspect is based on the study of rules which could be translated into the design protocol. Any change of the input will result in the transformed output. With the change in use or if certain program […]