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Posted by Filip Mamula 05 Feb 15

The idea of this project is to form a new three-dimensional mesh, based on the existing access points to the Đeram market and existing walking routes through the market. Through this process, an inactive flat surface is transformed into an interesting and variable multifunctional space. Đeram market can be approached from six streets whose intersections determine seven main access points. Connection of those points results in a network of shortest path through the site. These paths will guide the pedestrians through the space not necessarily as direct routes, but as the points of possible change in topography. Intersections of those […]

Posted by Filip Mamula 15 Jan 15

Pedestrians’ routes in urban areas are most influenced by the presence of amenities and the fastest ways to reach them. Studies show that those routes are not always the shortest, but our perception of space makes us think that they are. Terrain morphology can incorporate both of these factors: spatial manipulation of the walking surface creates ridges and valleys that affect how we experience specific walking paths, and there is also a possibility of creating activities in spaces under and over the walking surface to which these paths lead.
The idea of this project is to form a new three-dimensional […]