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Posted by Milica Dukic 05 Aug 16

//Mnemonic// Something (such as a word, a sentence, or a song) that helps people remember something (such as a rule or a list of names etc.)
In architecture, mnemonic might refer to a transfer of certain information and heraldic and visual signs into the context in order to the establish new genius loci by using consumerist principles through architecture.
The initial idea for the Mnemonic Building for Media Center lies in visual transformation of a certain form and in its capability, depending on the moment given, to possess very direct, extravagant and almost vulgar visual characteristics inevitable for space animation in the […]

Posted by Milica Dukic 27 Feb 16

The main idea was to design a sun sensitive canopy which responds to sun glare. If the glare is too intensive, the canopy closes down creating shade, otherwise, it opens up. Sunlight tracking happens in 8 phases:
//Phase 01_ night or extreme cloudiness (the canopy is entirely opened up)
//Phase 02_ severe cloudiness / sunrise or sunset
//Phase 03_ partial cloudiness / sunrise or sunset
//Phase 04_ bright day / sunrise or sunset
//Phase 05_ mostly cloudy day
//Phase 06_ mostly bright day
//Phase 07_  somewhat intensive sun glare
//Phase 08_ extremly intensive sun glare (the canopy is entirely closed down)

_ […]

Posted by Milica Dukic 27 Jun 15

By dividing the typology of residential tower into several different sub typologies the new vertical structure is being created where user is able to choose a space adequate for his own needs throughout the unit of time. This way, user achieves aspirations for social space, and establishes the platform for homo ludens.
Vertikalni Sociopolis[i]. Projektovanje nove socijalne prostornosti[ii]
Podelom stambene kule na više različitih podtipologija stanovanja stvara se vertikalna struktura u kojoj je korisniku omogućen odabir prostora po sopstvenim potrebama kroz jedinicu vremena ostvarajući time težnju za socijalnim prostorom  i uspostavljanje platforme za čoveka koji se igraRead more

Posted by Milica Dukic 15 Jan 15

Transformed space of Djeram market becomes a place of synesthetic perception of the city, a materialized cognitive map. And even though smells do not represent a physical constitutive element, they indirectly have an impact on defining and designing spaces where smells are supposed to trigger a process of emotional conditioning.
Main idea for a space of Djeram market is designing space in order to keep authentic smells of food on the market creating the ambience heterogeneous in its sensations. Retention of olfactory signals is achieved by curvature of the ceiling. Each smell, regarding its intensity and specificity, has its […]