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Posted by Vladan Stevovic 17 Aug 09

e The existing skeleton is developed into the space organizing mechanism meant to operate in accordance with the gradual introduction of varied public uses. Multitude of circulation routes is formed according to the intricate web of way finding rules and orientation related matter. Proposed form is generated ambiguously, via growth strategy, offering itself as a platform to which further architectural strategy may be employed and then extended to the surrounding buildings.
s Postojeci konstruktivni skelet je osnova za novu prostornu organizaciju postepenog uvodjenja javnih namena. Veliki broj pesackih komunikacija je organizovan prema mogucnostima nalazenja adekvatne putanje i stalnog osecaja orijentacije u prostoru. Predlozena […]

Posted by Vladan Stevovic 04 Mar 09

The idea is to erase the border between the river and the ground, so that there is no clear distinction between the two. Proposal is developed from components with varied properties obtained through triangular subdivision of the given lot. Resulting pattern is the used to develop flexible occupancy scenarios and introduce infrastructural strategy. Finally, as the third iteration of the pattern, known planing parameter were introduced to help control of the formal growth.