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Posted by Milica Tasic 21 Jul 11

Metropol is perceived as a completely organized system. Its balance is being disrupted by implementing a new program in the middle of the object.  The existing organization is therefore changed, and horizontal and vertical communications become equal. The enlarged hallway becomes the extension of the basic living unit, and  the original distinction between public and private spaces is now blurred. By leaving the privacy of his room, student gets immediately involved in social life of the building. Second important aspect of the project is the new envelope around the building. It includes the existing structure and forms […]

Posted by Milica Tasic 15 Feb 11

In contrast to museum institutions where space organisation is precisely determined in each and every segment, cultural centers are being formed throughout their use. Such concept gives everyone an equal opportunity to find their own path through the building and to develop individual scenario of use. However, not one use is isolated. Combined together, different scenarios of use form the overall image of the space. Architecture is representing a shell which is being populated and filled with activity. Accordingly, result is always unpredictable. Building consists of two segments: public space and working space for artists. The core […]

Posted by Milica Tasic 08 Nov 10

Two ambients. The world of an artist and the world of the visitor. Research process is focused toward questioning this relation. Does boundary exists and if it does under which conditions can it disappear. Examining and comparing the path as a process of creating and the path as a process of learning and finding points in which these two paths intersect.
Dva ambijenta. Svet umetnika i svet posetioca. Proces istraživanja je usmeren na ispitivanje navedenog odnosa. Da li granica postoji i ako postoji u kom trenutku može da nestane. Ispitivanje putanje kao procesa stvaranja i putanje […]