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Posted by Katarina Mercep 16 Jul 13

Infrastructure: function to performance
This line of study is set to explore the role of infrastructure in architectural and urban and re-examine the relevance of the infrastructural approach to the housing development within the natural surroundings. Suggested approach is based on the design process which can be steered in the way to enable natural growth which would in return enable the high density urban growth. The overall form is never defined but can be viewed through the formation processes while its performance is observed based on the behaviour of the users according certain time frame. Any building resulting from this approach […]

Posted by Katarina Mercep 01 Jul 12

The design strategy is based on the regime of water flow across the surface of peninsula. The water is channeled through purpose designed network of artificial river streams and regulated with a set of barriers in the form of mini river dams. A system of river beds and dams together provide a control mechanism of material processes unfolding on the site. Fluctuating conditions of the ground surface are then associated with varied scenarios of use. The design strategy is than set around the following protocol: a. connect or disconnect to establish network of channels as river streams; […]

Posted by Katarina Mercep 06 Feb 12

Abstracting traditional demands and needs during the library’s design process, as well as synchronizing those parameters, derived new program base.The way in which space communicate with its user, along with a very specific environment, is determined by a mechanism involved in its creation;
body = space
.library // is like a host organism overwhelmed by its parasites, which coexist through a specific way. The way the library is supposed to be used setup a new matrix system of space diferentiation. It is affected by parameter analyses of various positions and proportions of a human body, as well as by […]

Posted by Katarina Mercep 27 Oct 11

The first pin up for graduate students 1112M4 , new library for the University of Arts in Belgrade. The library as a new tool for collecting, storing, expanding, and now creating, connecting and using information, today is interpreted through a new architectural framework, using the language of architecture in creating a new, inspiring, interactive, shifting and attractive space. Connectivity and comunication, unconstrained spaces are now becoming advantages, turning former traditional caracteristics into a benefit of an individual, and depending on its needs the space is idealized, designed and built, leaving a “ constructive gap” […]

Posted by Katarina Mercep 27 Oct 11

Biolibrary_beginning of the study develops the concept of forming a new library, a new ideological basis to be used in drafting the basic parameters that would in some way define the program. The way in which space can communicate with the user and a very specific environment, which determines the mechanism involved in its creation, as the basic matrix of interactive media. Abstraction of traditional knowledge has led to the design of new sequences. As a first step in understanding the relation between the defined monocentricity and polycentricity. This raises the question that if […]