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Posted by Ruzica Jovanovic 20 Jul 11

The main idea, that the project aims for, was to create a continous open space in the center of the Metropol. By removing the building’s core a visual link between the Boulevard and the park is assigned. Since the terms of reference required the hotel to be transformed into a students’ dorm, the whole space is devided in two elements: The first is the kernel, the public space diffusing from the core of the Metropol. This space is devised as a lane, a pathway bent and planted inside the structure, providing continous program and communication. The second part is the […]

Posted by Ruzica Jovanovic 16 Feb 11

The initial idea was to develop a system that is modular, and at the same  time, a system that does not enforce repetition, like most modular systems do, but on the contrary, endorses differentiation of space, allowing for different qualities of space inside of it. Proposed module, the dodecahedron, is load bearing  and multiplied to support the membrane of the building which provides a diversity of spaces inside, suitable for different and variable usage that depends on the needs of the artists and vitors. Such system divides the space roughly on ateliers for artists, placed in the […]