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Posted by Nikola Todorovic 01 Jul 10

The project seeks to provide spatial improvements and enable further development to the building according to already established behavioral patterns of its users. I wanted to create transformable office space that may be used differently at times. The idea was to hold on to all the existing pillars and use them as referential greed and than add rotating panels to achieve adaptability in the internal organisation by creating rooms, landscape office space and atriums. Atriums are public spaces connected to the public esplanade.
Projekat je nastao iz analize postojećih adaptacija na Beton hali i pokušaja da se ovaj princip poboljša. Namera je da se stvore poslovni […]

Posted by Nikola Todorovic 30 Jan 10

This is an attempt to reconcile high density ratio of the development and individual needs for each dwelling unit including the access to the private garden. Existing terrain configuration is transposed into the geometric pattern of the project. Buildings vary in their size according to their internal programs but also according to their relation with adjacent forms. Each unit is granted a sea view and easy access to local amenities, much like to the traditional communities located in this part of the Adriatic Coast.
Projekat tezi da pronadje ravnotezu izmedju potrebe za visokom gusitnom izgradjenosti, odnosno boljom iskoriscenoscu zemljista i individualnih […]