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Posted by Aleksandar Bursac 24 Jul 14

This project concerns itself with a suburban landscape which finds itself on the intersection between parks and farming grounds, combining these two usages inside a matrix which ensures ease of mobility, but also usefulness when it comes to growing edible plant cultures. Morphology that ensures this hybridization is known as “raised bed farming” in horticulture. This approach maximizes arable land all the while leaving space in between that can be used as a means of communication. The resulting landscape is a product of terrain manipulation guided by simple rules for raised bed farming through the usage of […]

Posted by Aleksandar Bursac 28 Apr 14

LIMINAL ECOLOGIES : yielding suburban landscapes
This project investigates the marginal space in the city embodied in suburbia with the aim to ascertain how this space can be used to establish communication between the city and the landscapes that feed it and between people and the natural state and origin of their food. Urban – rural dichotomies in the 21st century have drastically changed the face of suburbia as an idealized housing model into transitional spaces that can be likened to biological ecotones. Just as the ecoton represents the place of conflict between two ecologies, the suburbia represents the place […]

Posted by Aleksandar Bursac 02 Feb 13

The initial intent was to retain the existing atmosphere and to express it through the project itself by introducing the phenomenon of the beach into the institute. And so the “institute” and the “beach” are formulated as initial typologies that polarize the space in between, creating fields filled with transitional types. These types are exhibited in a series of different situations more inclined towards the phenomenon of the beach or the institute. Moving through this field, an individual can experience space through the understanding of differences between these situations, all the while generating an understanding of one […]