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Posted by Marija Pop-Mitic 16 Jul 13

This line of study is based on the analysis of open systems and their application in architectural design of adaptive spaces. The research is based on interaction of biology and architecture, and the concept of open systems is perceived as the beginning of the biological paradigm in architecture. The work aims to provide a specific perception of the space and the program. Throughout this study, architecture is perceived as a dynamic system, which is in constant interaction and unbreakable bond with the dynamics of its environment, culture and society.
Similarly to the previously described infrastructural approach, this outlook on architecture […]

Posted by Marija Pop-Mitic 03 Jul 12

The study investigates influence of destructive events in nature such as mudslides, erosions, floods, winds, and rainstorms in order to establish a long-term decontamination strategy for the given site. The aim is to design material processes which will result with the changing landscape under the influence of weather conditions. The design intent is to set the terrain into the motion and thus provide for the natural dissolution of the polluted matter and constitution of the new and sediment layers of land. The proposed strategy obliterates the boundary line between land and water, allowing streams of river water […]

Posted by Marija Pop-Mitic 02 Feb 12

Changed way of communication has led to new uses of space. The library is now transformed into an interactive space, a space for communication and socialization, thus losing the basic features of the standard library. It becomes an open, flexible space, reflecting a different relationship between people, and different attitude towards the book. A space is created  where there is blending of both programmes and physical size. This was achieved by a system platforms and their connections, with each platform located at a different height, connected with the others with  3 types of stairs, which are not […]