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Posted by Dimitrije Radosavljevic 19 Oct 09

[e]The Water pavilion is an open air public space, located exactly above the water surface. Steel structure is rooted in the river bed, and connected with the existing river bank by the pedestrian bridges. Cascading floor layout is planed for easy access to different size boats and varied water-levels. During the summer period, pavilion functions as a public beach, where cascading surface enables direct contact with the water. The Water Pavilion is conceived as an initial intervention within the future transformation of the Port of Belgrade. With minimal changes of the existing surroundings, and contrasting the industrial ambiance, pavilion is conceived as a new […]

Posted by Dimitrije Radosavljevic 07 Jul 08

Project goal is to develop structural façade responsive to the daily weather changes / / / pattern is applied to the doubly curved façade surface, in order to defines structural logic and surface subdivision/ / each field responds to the diagram which combines sun exposure and degree of curvature / / With this mechanism, components were assigned with a specific vector, later used for a position and scale of the openings through the façade membrane / / /

Posted by Dimitrije Radosavljevic 29 Jan 08

Dijagramski aparat, iskoriscen je za materijalizovanje superponirajuce megastrukture nad objektom zeleznicke stanice. Nova struktura ce nadomestiti ograniceni kapacitet klasicisticke skoljke, primiti sadrzaje odgovarajuce saobracajnom cvoristu i postati inicijator razvoja prostora u zaledjini. Dinamicnim rasporedom masa i specificnim kontaktom sa parterom, objekat omogucava svojim sadrzajima da aktiviraju povrsine oko sebe. Razudjenost mase u prizemnim etazama pruzice unakrsne veze javnih povrsina, dok ce 3D-nalno dati niz specificnih polu otvorenih atrijumskih prostora.