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Posted by Aleksandar Bursac 02 Feb 13

The initial intent was to retain the existing atmosphere and to express it through the project itself by introducing the phenomenon of the beach into the institute. And so the “institute” and the “beach” are formulated as initial typologies that polarize the space in between, creating fields filled with transitional types. These types are exhibited in a series of different situations more inclined towards the phenomenon of the beach or the institute. Moving through this field, an individual can experience space through the understanding of differences between these situations, all the while generating an understanding of one […]

Posted by Milan Katic 11 Feb 12

The library is the logical outcame of an evolutionary upgrade (space elevation in the third dimension) of the square – an open stage, open reading room, workshop & meeting point and the powerful central space of the entire artistic ambient.The idea of  the library is to define the basic principles of spatial organization of the object, from initial conceptual diagram, itself emerged from the sunlight position analysis imbued with main movement directions and global location visures.This provided a fine-grounded starting point to the systematic solution of internal archive and space organization, […]