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Posted by Aleksandar Hrib 13 Jul 09

Proposed strategy for the regeneration is aiming to reconcile former industrial building with its surroundings. Existing structure remains intact while new topography is introduced as a means to establish connection between the interior and the exterior. Initial analysis based on the catalog of suitable uses is converted into manageable data to help control the design process. A sequence of plausible design iterations has been tested with the use of a mechanism for distribution of referential points in relation to fluctuations in the parametric input. Resulting geometry is established as the optimal solution capable of fostering great number of uses.
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Posted by Aleksandar Hrib 13 Apr 09

Posted by Aleksandar Hrib 25 Mar 09

1. Lepenka 12kom., debljine 3mm = 12x180din = 2160din
+ 2 lepenke za krov objekta = 360din
2. Oho lepak, 10 kom. = 10x60din = 600din
3. Sečenje lepenke ( maksimalno ) = od 4000 do 6000din
jeftinija varijanta = 7120din
skuplje varijanta = 9120din
Po studentu od 445 do 570 din