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Posted by Ivana Petrusevski 15 Jul 09

Rheotomic surface. Electric field line, equipotential surface. Magnets, attractors in public space and fields witch are necessary for that activity in response of number of people. Helicoids witch affect each other enable continual walk through public space, its levels, and floor of neighboring, already existing, ex industrial, office building. Public space consists of picnic zone, open cinema zone, covered cinema zone, open air amphitheater, covered amphitheater, cafe, gathering room, two terraces, observation decks. It uses temperature difference (of river water and air) for micro climate, so it is a public space with long season usage.

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Posted by Ivana Petrusevski 14 Jul 09

One possible way to activate former industrial building is by inserting new programme into the existing architectural shell. In this case this is done by the gradual formation of the infrastructure for recreational activities. Introduced structures are mimicking naturally created rock suitable for free climbing according to three relevant parameters: degree of inclination, disposition of handles, and ascent trajectories. Taken as input data, these parameters are used to create formal differentiation and offer a degree of diversity to be matched with individual preferences of the users. Finally proposed structures synchronized and distributed in the existing building to help organize space […]

Posted by Ivana Petrusevski 25 Jul 08

_located on the sea_ connecting gulf locations by floating units_ 16 types of floats and 8 types of apartaments, different by size and group of people who use it_ connecting, growing, moving into coral structure_ changing during the day as the people rent units_ two fixed parts, and many moving units_ different functions of units, vertical comunication, floats, apartaments, scuba diving polygon…_

Posted by Ivana Petrusevski 30 Jan 08

………..u odnosu na postojeće pravce kretanja identifikovanih najbrojnijih grupa ljudi oko lokacije formiraju se novi koji sprovode te grupe ljudi najbližim putem do reke.. na osnovu ukrštanja tih pravaca voronoi algoritmom generiše se patern koji zajedno sa nagibima u odnosu na pravce kretanja otvara mogućnosti kretanja po površini i ispod nje……..Forma koja kao opna programski predstavlja stanovanje i magnete za određene grupe ljudi, dok se ispod nje nalaze prateće funkcije, garaže, trgovi i sportski centri. Reka „ulazi“ u grad podzemnim vodama koje postaju površinske u dvorištima, rupama, tako da njihov nivo prati promene nivoa reke.
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